I’ve lost my voice…

It’s a gloomy, rainy day outside my office window, which fits my reflective mood. I have the day off with no plans on doing much of anything except to recover from a chaotic work week.  In a conversation with my husband, I was commenting that it’s actually been years since I wrote anything.  His reply was to the point, I did most of my writing when I was going through a troubling time in my life.  Now those times are in the distant past and all is good, have I lost my voice to speak passionately about life?  To be more specific, my life?

So much has changed since my last post, we’ve built a home, sold it, bought another in a different part of the city.  Changed jobs, bought new cars, joined a new club and grew our extended family with close friends.  I’m more at peace and my life is good.  I have all I could possibly want and definitely all I need (except maybe a P car :)).  Surely I would have something to say about all that.

I could talk about how our marriage has grown stronger with a better understanding of each other.  That I’m more in love with my husband than the day before, but that’s something I want to keep close to my heart and private.  I could brag about our children and the pride we have for their achievements, but I’m sure they want to keep that private as well.  I could talk for days about our five adorable grandchildren but again, there’s that privacy thing.  I don’t talk publicly about my job, my religion or my politics so what’s left?  That leaves me wondering how I’ve lost my voice when there’s this driving need to talk that’s bubbling to the top.

Whether you find it interesting or not, I’m going to let that bubble pop.  All the stuff running around in my head is going to be put to print.  Hopefully I won’t offend anyone and maybe even get a smile or two in the process.

As I’ve said in the past, I’m now giving my unsolicited opinion to the public.  Before it was just family and friends that were forced to hear it.

Much love…

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