I love Rock N Roll

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My taste in music is all over the place.  Everything from metal to classical.  My iPod has almost 3000 songs on it and room for more!  I remember the first time I really heard a rock and roll song.  I had to be around seven or eight years old, it was in the summer and I was playing outside with my sister, Theresa.   Mom had the windows open and this song caught my ear.  It was “Little Green Bag” by the George Baker Selection but it was being sung by the Strawberry Alarm Clock.  Same band that did “Incense and Peppermint”.  I couldn’t have been the only one with great musical taste… Quentin Tarantino later used this song in the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack.

The man’s voice and the beat of the music was so exciting.  It was so different from the music that I was used to at church.  This was what was moving me, making me feel alive!  I remember running into the house and standing by the stereo.  Waiting to hear what was next.

Maybe I was at the age when you finally become aware of outside influences or maybe something magical was really happening but I was absolutely hooked.  This was amazing stuff!  I started piano lessons and was having a great time with it.  Until it started getting hard… having to memorize an entire Mozart movement or a Beethoven sonata.  That was tough for a little girl but I did it.   I recall my teacher telling me that only a few my age could do it so that spurred me on to doing the best I could.  The high point of my piano career was being accepted into the National Piano Guild at the age of nine.  It really was a big deal.  I played Bach’s Chorale in C Major , Aaron’s At the Skating Rink and Curcia’s Winter is Here and got excellent marks for it.  I regret that I didn’t keep it up.

I played the flute in junior high and high school.  I had a terror of a band teacher, Mr. Jenkins, that pushed us so hard.  I never could make it to first chair, always second due to the fact that he knew I didn’t like him.  At the risk of sounding conceited, everyone, including the first chair, knew I should have had that spot.  I was always in trouble because I warmed up to my own music, not the music he told us to play.  I would practice at home on learning music by Chicago or some other popular band and show up the next day, eager to show everyone how cool this or that song sounded.  Mr. Jenkins would always break it up and tell me that my behavior was going to get me in trouble.  I just didn’t like all the marches he was insisting we learn.  Looking back, I guess I was somewhat rebellious!  Still am if the truth be known.  I just keep it to myself.

Anyway… just a few favorites.

Blue October, Pink, Pachelbel, Matchbox Twenty, Dixie Chicks, Lady GaGa, Lenny Kravitz, Maroon 5, Jay Z, Linkin Park, Leona Lewis, Duffy, Godsmack

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Be happy…


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