I was walking past the TV and what I heard made me stop and listen.  This talk show host was raving about the latest fad about renting stuff instead of buying it.  She was talking about jewelry, evening gowns, high priced artwork, etc..  And when you really think about it, it makes so much sense.  I have half a dozen evening dresses that I’ll never wear again but I hate to get rid of.  They weren’t cheap and the memories I have about wearing them are wonderful.  BUT… why hold on to them?  Why burden my family with the decision of what to do with them when I’m gone.  I can see Jimmy holding one up, saying “I remember Mom looking so pretty in this one.  Hey Crys, which pile is for Goodwill?”  That got me to thinking about my husband’s opinion on “stuff” and how I’m slowly come around to his way of thinking.  (Phil, please don’t fall down dead of a heart attack at that statement!)  Phil is more comfortable with less “stuff” (even though I believe he’s a closet packrat!) while I’ve always loved having my “stuff” all around me.  He loves to joke that I’ve never met a horizontal space that I didn’t need to immediately fill up.  And he’s been so, so right!

I love having my pictures, books and whatnots out and about.  For whatever strange reason, it make me feel secure and seeing them on display lets me know all is well in my world.  I don’t think this is a materialistic issue, for me it’s a memory thing.  How can I ever get rid of the poem that my son wrote for me in the second grade that’s hanging on the fridge.  Or the crystal dish I found while browsing with my best friend in our favorite antique shop?  That day with her is still so clear in my mind even though it was 25 years ago, and one of the best days we ever spent together.

And I need to also mention that between Phil and myself, we have, at last count, 1064 books.  You can take this to the bank, we are not getting rid of a single book.  Ever.

Well, the light bulb is slowly growing brighter.  I look around and now see “stuff” and wonder why.  Why am I holding onto some of this CRAP.  I mean, really…  do I need three sets of dessert bowls that were my grandmother’s when in fact, if we have dessert, we just grab the first dish out of the cabinet.  Sure I’ll bring them out on occasion like a baby or wedding shower.  But in all honesty, how often does that happen anymore?  Why am I holding onto them when I know my grandmother would be the first to say get rid of it?

I feel a cleansing coming on.  In fact I’ve already started.  Those three sets of dessert bowls…  in a box in the garage.  Along with other assorted prizes that I need to unload.  I need to get downright ruthless and clear out so much more.  I have a strong feeling that it’s going to be so liberating.

Anyone need a set of antique dessert bowls?

Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.  I’d also love it if you subscribe… lot’s of good stuff coming up!

Be happy…


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