This ought to be fun!

I found this Live Writer program when my husband installed Office 2010 on my computer, so… guess I’ll give this “blogging thing” a try. Not that I have any ideas or expectations on where it will lead or what it will contain. I don’t think I want to record my life story, nor do I think I want to use this as a journal of my everyday life. Not much of it is that interesting to others.

So for now, it’s random subjects. And today’s is… I NEED A JOB!

It’s been very frustrating the last couple of weeks in trying to find a job that will satisfy all my needs, which are:

1. Work that I will enjoy. And just what is that? I fell into Human Resources by accident. I like it mostly because I really enjoy working with people. Some of my HR peers say at times one can feel like a glorified babysitter (Some employees tend to believe that they can’t do anything simple on their own. Multiply that by a couple of hundred and it can be a mess.) but when it gets down to the basics, I enjoy helping people out with one of the most important aspect of their lives… their job.

2. A job that will pay what I’m used to earning. There are a slew of younger college grads that would jump at the chance to do the job at a much lower rate but they sure don’t have my experience! I can run circles around them!

I’ve come to the conclusion that this job does exist for me. I just have to be patient and I will find it.

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