That’s right folks… I admit it.  I haven’t always been this way.  In fact, I didn’t even know I had it in me.  It took being married to a professional geek that allowed me to explore the dark side.  And I love it.

I don’t profess to know the techie side of being a geek.  Have no interest in learning it.  I just love the gadgets.  I wanna/gotta have the latest and greatest.  I don’t want to know how or why they work, I just want the end result.  I get excited about new apps for my iPhone.  And new software… I want to stay up all night just to play with it.

I was never a big fan of the Star War movies but I watch them now just so I know what’s going to happen at each level in my Lego Star War game.  I am a True Jedi now but don’t ask me to recite the story or name the characters.  My six year old grandson, Micah, has turned into a True Jedi also.  He can tell you almost any detail you want to know about the movies AND the game.  I’m impressed, especially since he’s just now starting to learn to read.  He likes it when we play together but boy, watch out if I don’t go the way he wants me to go!  He’ll walk up to me and in two smooth moves with his light saber, he puts me down.  I wish you could have heard him when he told me “Nanny, I told you to go this way.  When you play with me, you roll with me and do what I say.”  I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a more evil laugh.

Anyway… I’m just an amateur geek.

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Be happy…


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