New directions?

For several years, Phil and I have dreamed of being self-employed.  We discuss and research various ideas all the time without coming up with any firm plans.  Time and financial constraints dictate our direction.  I’ve been reading some very interesting blogs and articles the last week about people making it “big” and what it takes to get there.  The recurring theme in all of it is passion.  You have to be passionate about what you are doing.  Ok… what are we passionate about that 1.)  we can afford to do and 2.) will be financially successful.  At least successful enough to replace my salary and enable us to make the changes we want.  Problem is that what we’re passionate about won’t exactly do that because it all boils down to supply and demand.

Cooking, books, antiques, needlepoint, RC airplanes, cars, F1 racing, ceramics, art, music.  None of these interests are viable business opportunities for us right now.  But…  if we combine some of those we might get somewhere.

In the mid-90’s, I opened a shop in Mexia that carried an assortment of items, women’s clothing, jewelry, antiques, books, artwork and crafts.  I loved it and think that it was a great success but I ended up closing it for various reasons.  Since I’m unemployed right now, and not getting any younger, I’ve been thinking that now is the time to do it again.

And I must be crazy for thinking about it in this economy but I’m comfortable with crazy right now.  In fact, I haven’t been this excited about “work” in years!  Is it a dream or can we make this a reality?

Stay tuned…

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Be happy…


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