Thanks Molly!

Follow this… my daughter-in-law’s (Jennifer) sister-in-law (Molly) told me about this awesome website that you can use to save all the cool stuff you find on the web.  My “Favorites” tab was getting close to exploding from all the stuff I bookmarked.  Stuff I really liked and didn’t want to lose.  This site, Pinterest, lets you “pin” all this stuff in one place so you won’t lose it.  You can categorize and save to your heart’s content!  I just started a few minutes ago and haven’t really started “pinning” yet but Molly is so right.  It’s going to be so addictive!  Here’s the link to my page.  Keep checking it out as I add more favorites.  You might find your next favorite thing also!

Steff’s Pinterest

Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.  I’d also love it if you subscribe… lot’s of good stuff coming up!

Be happy…


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