Wedding in a week

As all women, I’ll never forget how my husband proposed to me.  It was one of the most outstanding romantic moments of my life.  We were already living together and so happy to be building a new life together.  It was so special since neither of us were looking for love, in fact, didn’t think it would ever happen to us again.

On a Friday evening in September, Phil asked me to get dressed up as he wanted to take me to one of our favorite restaurants, 1424.  We get all fancy, he in a tie and me in satin, when it hits me… Phil is going to propose tonight.  I remember thinking OMG!!! is this for real???  I was so happy, scared, nervous, ecstatic, surprised, nauseous and amazed.  I don’t know how I knew, I just did.

We get there, having a lovely time.  The wine and dinner was wonderful.  Phil was so charming (which I tell him all the time that he is, but he just denies it).  The anticipation was almost unbearable.

And… he didn’t propose…

I remember being disappointed but then thinking why should we change anything by getting married.  We were so happy with our lives together that we didn’t need that piece of paper.  Our commitment was strong and true without it.  The disappointment didn’t last but a minute or so, I was so appreciative of what we already had.

The details of the rest of that evening and night will remain private but rest assured, it was a continuation of the romantic time we had started earlier in the evening.

The next morning, waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, we snuggled on the sofa.  It was about 7:30 and we still had that sleepy thing going on.  Hair and teeth unbrushed, me in a tee and not looking like the most beautiful creature in the world.  And… he gets up from the sofa and kneels in front of me.  “Steffanie Lorene, will you marry me?”  It took me a nano-second to say yes.

Many minutes later, after tears, kisses, hugs and promises of everlasting devotion, I realize, WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!  We call our children and other family members to share the news.  After talking to all, we realize that we either have one week or have to wait until the following month to get married.  Trying to get everyone together was not going to be easy.  We opted for the one week.

Within hours we had our rings, the next day we had the flowers, cake and venue.  The day after that, our wedding outfits and minister.  Our co-workers gave us a shower at the end of the week that was so much fun.  (That’s a whole other story of our courtship at work!)

Wedding day arrives and everything is in place and we have a beautiful wedding with family and friends in attendance.  Looking back, it’s amazing how gorgeous it was considering I put it together in one week.  I keep joking that I should become a wedding planner that specializes in…  Wedding In A Week

Almost four years later, after good and bad times, we are still going strong.  I really love being married to my best friend.  He’s my everything rolled up into one simple man.  I love you baby…


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Be happy…


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