Spring cleaning…

It’s spring now, blooming flowers and trees green.  The usual time that the women (and some men I suppose) of the world take a look around and say “YUCK, it’s time for spring cleaning”.  And most of the time they are talking about their homes.  I am too but I’m taking it a couple of steps further.  I started yesterday on the house.  I’m a pretty good housekeeper so there isn’t too much to do in the way of the daily stuff.  I just got through with the refrigerator, throwing out old stuff and sanitizing it.  (Thank you Lord, for Clorox wipes!)  The only thing left to do in the kitchen is organizing the cabinets and washing windows.  Long story short is that in the way of typical spring cleaning, I need to wash windows and clean the carpets.  Other than that… done.

One of my big spring cleans has to do with personal stuff.  I wrote a couple of months ago about ridding myself of possessions that were tying me down.  Do I really need it or is it just sentimental issues?  I’ve boxed up quite a bit and now need to make the step to physically remove it from my life.  It’s harder than I thought but only in the way of dreading a garage sale.  I just need to take a deep breath, commit and do it.  Ugh.  Personally I think I’ve been putting it off to just plain hating to have a garage sale.

But no more, no more excuses…  this time my spring clean is about me.  Attitude, outlook, physical, spiritual..

Attitude – I’ve been looking for a job without luck for close to six months.  I was taking it personally… why wouldn’t anyone hire me?  I thought that with my experience and qualifications, employers would be beating down the doors.  Well… they aren’t and I’m not going to beat myself up about it any more.  One employer told me that he had 72 applicants for just one position and that he was going with someone he could pay thousands less than me.  From an employer’s standpoint, can’t blame him at all!  Something will turn up and it will be the job I’m meant to have.

Outlook – While I don’t consider myself to be a negative person at all, I have noticed that internally I am in danger of becoming so.  Or at least more than I ever want to be.  I think it has to do with my age, stress and situations out of my control.  The fact that I have probably more years behind me than in front is not pleasing and the days seem to be getting shorter.  BUMMER!  I refuse to let this get me down!  And I refuse to be anything other than happy.

Physical – I’ve made the commitment to get in better shape and I’m sticking with it!  I already see tiny improvements.  I’ve noticed that since I’ve been “at home”, I’ve stopped my usual routine.  While I still shower (mostly twice a day), I’m not putting makeup on nor getting dressed up.  It’s usually natural face and running pants with a t-shirt.  I miss it and even though I don’t always leave the house every day, I’m going to start that back again.  Who cares if I’m the only one to see it, I imagine my hubby will like it too!  I’m making the extreme effort to drink more water and lose a few pounds.  I will achieve my goals!

Spiritual – I’m in a good place with this and it’s getting better every day.  I have a hodge-podge outlook on religion.  It’s my own and I make no excuses for it.  I don’t discuss my views on religion (or politics), my opinions usually don’t mesh with others and I don’t want to be put in the position of having to argue about it.  Probably doesn’t make much sense to you but it does to me and that’s what matters.

I found a great list of tips that I’m committed to following.  While they are nothing new and I already do most of them, I feel that it will help me to become a better person all around.  Take a look at them and see how you can apply it to your own life.


One of the most important things I need to remember is to relax and enjoy the beauty around me.  And to have fun!  To this point, I had a “paper day”.  I taught myself to fold a dollar bill into a shirt and made some paper flowers.  The flowers brought back some sweet childhood memories of my mother making them.  They were really big though, mine was pink and purple and Theresa’s was white with red polka dots.  Anyway, I was pleased with how both turned out and it was fun to do.

What are you going to clean this spring?

Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.  I’d also love it if you subscribe… lot’s of good stuff coming up!

Be happy…


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