My Personal Commandments

1.  Be true to myself

2.  Express my love for others daily

3.  Be polite, helpful, considerate and fair

4.  Accept it and let it go

5.  Be thankful and appreciative

6.  Focus on being happy and positive

7.  Be here now

8.  Love unconditionally

9.  Forgive

10. Take responsibility

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Be happy…


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2 Responses to My Personal Commandments

  1. Phil says:

    1. Truth is in the eyes of the oppressed.
    2. Expression is wonderful
    3. Politely fair, considerately fair, always
    4. Acceptance is weakness
    5. Thankful
    6. Focus means you lose the big picture
    7. I am here. Now.
    8. Define Unconditional
    9. I did.
    10. I do.

    • Steffanie says:


      1. Didn’t know I was oppressed. Or are you speaking of yourself? I hate that I can’t speak the complete truth to you without you feeling oppressed.
      2. Looks like this is one that we agree on.
      3. I strive to be.
      4. Completely at a loss here. What do you want me to accept and what do you want me to fight for? Definitely a no win situation for me.
      5. I would really like to hear what you are thankful and appreciative about. I don’t think I’m included in any of that.
      6. Yeah, right.
      7. No. You. Aren’t.
      8. I’ve been doing that since Day 1, you just won’t see, believe or accept it.
      9. Forgive who and what?
      10. Doesn’t make me feel any better, how about you?


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