Comforting Things

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Do you remember having one special thing when you were young that gave you instant comfort?  Mine was a stuffed pink bunny.  I remember carrying it everywhere.  My security bunny so to speak.  I was devastated when it was accidentally left in a motel room in Arizona while on the way to California.  I couldn’t have been maybe four or five but I remember crying my eyes out when I realized I didn’t have Bunny in the car.  Since then I have found that there are many other ways of comforting yourself.  And it’s rather interesting when you think of the different ways as adults that we find our comfort.  I think it’s probably universal that we find comfort in connecting with another person.  I know that is on top of my list.  Everyone needs something that calms the soul when times are tough.  Here are a few of my comfort items.

  • Wearing one of my husband’s plain white tee-shirts.
  • Adele‘s last CD, 21.  Every song means something special.
  • Cream Brule candles
  • My gold flip-flops
  • My books
  • Cream of Chicken soup made with milk instead of water
  • A photo of Jimmy and Crystal that I have on my bedside table.
  • My feather pillow
  • Snuggling
  • Mashed potatoes with corn mixed in (I know this is a weird but I’m not alone on this one!)
  • Hugs from my grandbabies
  • Getting my hair done (another strange one!)
  • My home, where ever that may be at the time

This is just a few things that I find comfort in.  What about you?  I’d love for you to comment back with some of your comfort items.

In the meantime… be happy


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One Response to Comforting Things

  1. nekosasu760 says:

    1) My stuffed tiger 🙂
    2) Any of Ashly’s old T-shirts
    3) Soundscapes
    4) My jacket
    5) My books
    6) A hug from my mommy and/or daddy
    7) Ice cream
    8) My blanket
    9) Cuddling with the kitty
    10) Showers

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