My Happy Things

While pondering what to write about today, I took a look at my past posts and realized that I needed to list my ‘happy things’.  I wrote yesterday about things that comfort me in times of stress or sadness.  Today is about joy… unabashed joy, endless giggles, silly things that put a huge smile on my face.  I’m wondering if these aren’t comfort things also?

  • Clean sheets on the bed
  • Pulling up to a red light and the person in front pulls up enough so I can make that right turn
  • Wind in my hair
  • When I’m really tired and about to fall asleep and someone covers me up with a blanket
  • Eating at Prime 135
  • Looking for the perfect sugar bowl and creamer at an antique shop
  • Eating watermelon and the juice running down my chin
  • Long, hot showers
  • Getting an email that a friend or loved one actually wrote for no specific reason
  • Being hugged
  • Being at the beach
  • When I get the milk to cereal ratio just right
  • Kissing a baby’s neck and inhaling that sweet smell
  • Phil’s sticky, messy, out of this world ribs just off the grill
  • When the thing I was going to buy is already on sale
  • The smell of onion, celery and garlic simmering in butter
  • Sharing an umbrella
  • The moment when I finish cleaning the house and I look around and see how good it looks
  • Getting new software that I’ve been wanting and discovering it’s even cooler than I thought
  • Listening to my new favorite song over and over until I know each word
  • Making someone laugh when they have a mouth full of food
  • When someone calls or texts just to say they were thinking of me
  • Holding hands
  • Road trips
  • Unexpected romantic gestures
  • Dancing my butt off when I’m all alone
  • A really, really cold Lemon Drop martini with the perfect amount of sugar on the rim of the glass
  • New windshield wipers
  • A stranger winking at me
  • Laughing so hard I can’t stop for ten minutes
  • Jimmy’s carnitas
  • Looking at new houses
  • My grandkids telling me they love me before I say it
  • People being amazed at the music I like

Ok… that’s if for now.  Keep checking back as I plan on adding more.  And please comment with your ‘happy thing’.

Until next time… be happy



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3 Responses to My Happy Things

  1. Melanie Dick says:

    Love this:
    1. Fresh cut grass
    2. walking barefoot in grass
    3. hearing my kids playin or havin a serious conversation (really bonding)
    4. unexpected “snail” mail from someone
    6. MUSIC
    7. ALL 11 of my nieces & nephews
    8. hearing a child belly laugh
    9. good smelling candles, aerosals (I’m a smell freak)
    10. sweet tea
    I could go on & on…

  2. nekosasu760 says:

    I have so many 🙂 Some good ones are…
    1) Making my mama or dad laugh
    2) Getting random kisses from the kitty
    3) Spending time with friends

  3. Pam says:

    Spending time with my best friends in Louisiana and laughing so hard at all the silly things we remember doing in high school and all the silly crazy things we do when we are all together!

    Ashly and Lauren! They are always my happy spot!

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