Simple little words

Have you ever really stopped to think about simple little words that can mean so much to someone but can be so hard to say?  These words have the power to heal most anything.  They can inspire and encourage.  These words can also set you free if you have the courage to take that first step.  And most importantly, these words have to be followed up with action.  That is the true indication that you mean what you say.

I love you – This is the most important, powerful statement of all.  There are so many types of love and regardless of which one you feel, you need to express it and express it often.  You will never know when it could be the last chance to do so.  Don’t end up with regrets that you didn’t say it.

I’m sorry – There are times when your action or words will cause another’s pain and sorrow.  Don’t let pride get in the way of apologizing.  Think before you speak and act and chances are that you can prevent causing pain and heartache.  Thoughtlessness is bad behavior that you have control of.  If your actions cause pain, don’t you feel remorse for causing the pain?  Nine out of ten times you will so fix it with a sincere apology.  There will be times when you’ve done nothing but to apologize for but just need to show empathy and acknowledge someone else’s pain.  You know of those times where you can’t help or fix something but you need to let them know you really see and hear them.

I was wrong – Hopefully all of us can be big and strong enough to say this when we actually are wrong.  Again, don’t let pride stand in the way of being honest.  Past actions can’t be changed but forgiveness can be started with acknowledgement.

I need you – We all have the basic need to be needed.  In my opinion, it validates our existence and our importance in this world.  Whether it’s meant in the emotional or physical sense, if you feel it, say it.  Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to another.  Chances are great they need you too.

Thank you – Is any explanation needed?  Good manners and good ethics demands these words.  Don’t take anything for granted, show appreciation for the smallest deed as you would the largest.

I support you – When faced with tough decisions or situations that cause stress or concern, it means the world to know that there’s someone who will stand by your side.  Just the simple acknowledgement that someone isn’t alone will help tremendously.

You/we can do it – Words of encouragement and support are a battle cry for the unsure moments of our lives.  When faced with uncertainty in a situation, doesn’t it help to know you have a partner that won’t walk away when the going gets tough?

I understand – Even if you can’t change a situation, doesn’t it help to know that you aren’t alone and isolated.  Don’t you long to know that you aren’t alone in your confusion and pain?  Just knowing that someone else “gets it” helps and can clear the path.

You are safe – When the world seems to be tumbling down and insecurity overwhelms, just knowing that you aren’t alone in your fight for survival can make you brave enough to handle most situations.  Extend this kindness and your kind words and actions will be repaid multiple times over.

It’s ok – Words of reassurance acknowledge situations that we can’t control but know will get better.  It imparts empathy and assurance that someone isn’t alone and we all need to know that.

I have faith in you – How many times have you felt unsure and scared and longed to have the strength to go on?  Knowing that someone believes in you goes a long way to enabling strength and power.

There are so many other simple little words that can mean so much.  If you feel the need, you can bet that someone else does too.  Speak up, follow-up with action, make your and someone else’s life more meaningful and worthy.  You have the power to.  Connecting with others and staying connected will enrich you in countless ways.  I’ve said many times, to think, really think about your words and actions.  If you speak the words but don’t include the action, your words are empty.  Be kind in thought, words and actions.  Share your heart and soul and you will be rewarded by others in ways you didn’t think possible.

I hope that my words cause you to think about yours.  While writing this, I’ve wondered if I’ve said these simple little words enough to my loved ones.  Have I encouraged, reassured, empowered and supported each one as they deserve?  Have I followed my words with action?  Have I given all that I can?  I’ve only one chance to do it right and have no regrets.  I’ve tried my best and can only hope and pray that I’ve succeeded.

Until next time, be kind and be happy,


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2 Responses to Simple little words

  1. Stella Moon says:

    At this point…it would be nice to hear ‘one’ of the phrases above. Not in the cards for some..

    • Steffanie says:

      I hear you sister! I’m going through a pretty rough time in my life and need those simple little words. And like you say, not in the cards. The one I need to hear it from is the one that won’t. From the sound of it, you might possibly be in the same situation? I truly hope not, it’s not fun. But guess what Stella… Thank you… for taking the time to read my ramblings, it means a lot to me. I’m sorry… for any pain that you might be in. It’s ok… it will get better, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but it will soon. We can do it… it might not be easy and it might not be exactly what we want but you aren’t alone. I understand… I don’t know your situation but girl, if I told you mine it might make your’s look like a cake walk! I love you… weird huh?? But true. I’ve learned that as a simple human being, we do have the ability to connect and love on many different levels. You reached out to me, I sense something that tells me you are in need of a hand. Me too. Or Stella, I could just be full of crap and you stumbled across my blog and just left a comment. Simple as that. Whatever the case may be, if you need an objective shoulder, my email is Take care!

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