Another chapter

The Great American Novel -

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I’ve been writing this blog for a couple of reasons.  Boredom, frustration, love, desperation, anger and hope just to name a few.  I have several issues that I’m dealing with in my life with the main one being a lack of direction.  My personal life is adrift and my professional one is nonexistent.  So many things up in the air and I’m not grounded anymore.  And it’s the worse feeling I can imagine.  I have to find a resolution or I’m going to lose what sanity I have left.  While I say that jokingly, is there some truth to it?

I’m not going to pour out my heart here concerning what’s going on in my life.  Several reasons for that, I’m a private person, I don’t want to cause pain or discomfort for my loved ones and it’s no one’s business unless I decide to confide.   And I’m certainly not ready to divulge in a public forum.  I’m just going to say that I’m so ready to move on to the next chapter in my life.  More than ready.  I was telling my roommate this morning that the worse thing for me with being unemployed was the inactivity.  I always liked to joke that I’m a reformed workaholic, always on the go with something.  It seems like ages since my brain has been engaged.  I feel on the verge of being stupid.  That is somewhat of an exaggeration but hopefully you get my drift.

Since there has been a lot of negativity in my life lately, I’ve been concentrating on positivity and changing my outlook.  And it’s working!!!!  While I still face ups and downs I feel better equipped to handle them on a long-term basis.  It took the realization (finally) that I’m the captain of my own ship.  While I deeply care about the opinions of my loved ones, I have to live my life as I see fit for myself.  And boy, am I excited about it!

Today I had the fourth friend tell me that I should be writing a book.  That blew me away.   I love writing this blog, it’s been a great outlet for me but a book????  This friend said, and I quote (just because it made me feel so damn good!) “Just read your Fairy Tale on your blog.  Really liked it.  You should be writing and publishing something.  Self Awareness books?”  I can’t tell you how great it was to read that text!  She went on to encourage me , telling me ” in any case you write well and have interesting thoughts and that you need to do something with it.”   Could this be my next chapter?  What would I write about?  I’m sure not any expert on anything.  I’m just a woman with opinions, and those opinions aren’t very popular at times.  I’ve got some ideas stirring around so we’ll see.  I certainly need a direction and something to focus on until I go back to work.  Since I’ve been out of work I’ve tried to find my direction.  Had several great ideas and I know I could succeed but financial constraints have stopped me.  This I can afford!

What do you think?  Not that I’m another Hemingway but somebody is reading this.  Like every person on this earth, I want to be heard and I’m certainly not scared to speak up.  The question is do I have something to say that people will want to hear?

Please, please, please weight in on this.  I know that I’m not going to write the next great American novel but wouldn’t it be fun to try!

Until I hear from you, I’m sending love, hugs and kisses, best wishes for you to find happiness.


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5 Responses to Another chapter

  1. angelasoelzerragosa says:

    Steffani, I only just met you online but I have read many of your Blog’s posts and I feel what is needed to write a book that others will read all comes down to speaking your truth and being able to connect with others; will other people be able to relate to what you write? I can hear, feel your personal truths written throughout your Blog & I can relate so much to what you say… I enjoy your writing style. I think you are more than ready to embark on a new chapter in your life by writing a book. I think a personal story “memoir” style would suit you best as far as a genre just from what I’ve read of yours so far. Best of Luck to you Steffani, always.


  2. John McCormick says:

    Steffanie I just wanted to back Pam up say I think she couldn’t be more spot on. And where else this day and time can I read “hopefully you get my drift” . Seriously, you are a very strong and smart woman, use it to create your happiness….love ya….John


    • Steffanie says:

      Thank you so much John! Your support means a lot and you’ve been such a wonderful friend to me! I know I can count on you and hope you know the same about me! Love ya too!


  3. Pam Hollier Huffstatler says:

    I have a friend that waited really late in life to try to find the courage to publish his poetry. He is an awesome writer. He finally retired from working so hard everyday and was able to get his first book published. Soon after, his one good eye went blind ( he had to have one eye removed, a few years earlier). He was able to full fill his passion with at least one book, I just found out yesterday, he is on hospice. If you feel like writing is something you can do, and I know you can be really good at it, then do not waste time thinking about it. Move Forward! If you are unable to find work at this moment, use this time to take a few refresher courses on writing You put so much thought into what you write and it always gives me something to think about. You often times give me another prospective on how to look at things and I feel we all need that at times in our life. Go for it.. does not matter if you do not feel you will write the next great American Novel. You have something worth reading. Your wisdom, your intellect, your passion and emotions. Just get out of your comfort zone and give it a try.


    • Steffanie says:

      A simple thank you isn’t enought Pam. I think you have given me the courage and push that I needed. My path is becoming clearer and I have you to thank. Your support means the world to me!


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