The good, bad and ugly… of Facebook

So… let’s talk about Facebook.  You either love it or hate it.  More than 750 million people world-wide have an active account.  We use it to keep up with family and friends, play games, post a classified ad, advertise our businesses, find a job, adopt a pet, show off new photos of the kids and a ton of different other things.  It’s a one-stop shop.  And we are addicted.  And here’s why…  it’s so much easier to post one comment,  a few short sentences and our message is broadcast to all.  But hey, doesn’t that seem kinda lazy?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a FB junkie, I check it more often than my email.  But it’s starting to feel wrong and in my humble opinion,  here’s why.

The good…  It’s so easy to communicate with all your family and friends.  You can interact with folks that you normally wouldn’t.  How many of us have “friends” that we haven’t actually seen in years but still want to connect with?  (Me?  I have several, ok, maybe more than several but these are people who meant a lot to me and I’m happy to have connected with them again.)  Great way to catch up and keep everyone up to date on our lives.  You only have to say it once instead of making dozen of phone calls.  Oh, I’m such a sucker for those sappy little quotes.  Have to post those as soon as I see a new one.  (Do I think that’s going to make me appear more well-read than I actually am?  I mean seriously, would I have said that in a normal phone conversation?)

The bad…  It’s making us lazy.  The same reason that it’s good is also the same reason it’s bad.  We don’t seem to communicate one on one as often as we used to and as often as we should.  How much easier is it to post little Timmy’s awesome report card than to call multiple family members to let them know your little rug rat isn’t a total moron?  I think we still have voice contact but the frequency is much less.  I’m guilty…  I’ll “talk” with my kids about little stuff (Hey, dinner is at 6:00, be here or go hungry), will post four or five lines on the subject.  This can take up to 10 to 15 minutes while waiting to get a response for each comment.  How long does it take to make a phone call?  Are we going to lose the art of conversation, the intimacy of looking into someone’s eyes as we speak?  It’s possible.

The ugly…  Boy, some of the stuff I’ve seen and heard of.  So many comments that should have been left unposted.  Angry, hateful, downright mean remarks.  People don’t make “drunk calls”, they post ’em.  Relationship going bad, hey post it on FB and you’re guaranteed that it’s over.  Once you see it in writing, the words are glaringly clear.  Sure you can delete but once seen, it’s burned into your brain.  It’s like the hand and brain become detached and all bets are off.  I’m a Human Resource Manager by profession and I have to say I’m amazed at how stupid some people can be on FB.  Go ahead and complain about having to go to work or how you think your boss is an idiot.  Trust me, there is someone else that would love to have that job you think is so crappy.  Don’t for one second think that your boss won’t see your post no matter what your privacy settings are.  It might take a little digging but if it’s there, it can be found.  And hey, can you really trust your friend/co-worker not to let it “slip” to the boss how much you hate your job?  Especially if they want that promotion also?  The boss reads (and sees the accompanying photos) that you partied until 4:00 AM but then called in sick, you will be amazed at how quick you get that raise.  Hardly.  I mean, really people, pull your head out of your “you know what” and THINK!

I’ve been job hunting for the last eight months and I’ve used FB on several occasions to connect with possible opportunities.  In fact, quite a number of Human Resource related articles recommend FB and Twitter as great resources in regards to job hunting and networking.  You can search for jobs and post your resume but beware, it can lead to spam and tons of bogus “work at home” notices.  There are legitimate jobs posted, just be careful and weed out the obvious trash.

Oh and another thing… and it’s not just FB, Twitter, IM or texting, it’s the new language that goes with it.  I absolutely want to reach for the brain bleach when I see LOL.  Drives me crazy.  I understand that it’s too hard for someone to type “Hey, that’s too funny” sixteen times in one conversation.  And I understand the necessity to type *sneeze* so someone can say “bless you”.  And the abbreviations make us looks like we failed every spelling test past the second grade.  (Yeah, I can see all the eye rolling that’s going on now!)  I think we really need to embrace it and get the finest linguistics in the country to work on it.  Complete new dictionary composed of nothing but the new language, starting with first entry of AYKM.  (Are You Kidding Me for you folks not up to speed.)

Will I stop using Facebook?  Heck no, it’s too much fun!  I love reading what other people have to say.  The majority of the time it’s good, cheap, mindless entertainment.  Most of the time, good for a laugh.  And with all things internet related… use the brain God gave you and think about what you’re doing and saying before you hit… Share.

What are your thoughts on Facebook?  Love it or hate it?  Let me know and before I close, let me leave you with one last one…. LSHMSFOAIDMT *

Take care and be good to yourself…


*laughing so hard my sombrero falls off and I drop my taco

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8 Responses to The good, bad and ugly… of Facebook

  1. free ipad 2 says:

    GREAT REVIEW! I totally agree with all you said in your post, especially at the end of your article. Thank you, your post is very useful as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your blog:) Isabella S.

  2. Stella Moon says:

    *giggle…I have a facebook…I also have a myspace but only check it once in awhile on my cell cos of the viruses…I’m a facebook junkie too though… 😉

    You make extremely valid points… I agree with all of them…


    Pic up your taco and eat it! ….LOL!

  3. Lauren says:

    I absolutely hated it when Raven would post our problems on Facebook. There were times where he actually cussed me out without ever mentioning my name, just because he was mad. That’s not right. If you’re angry with someone, you shouldn’t be a coward and post it on Facebook instead of saying it to the person’s face. It’s no one’s business but your own. That was one of the main reasons I broke with him, actually. He loved airing our dirty laundry to everyone.

    Other than that, I have no problem with Facebook. As long people keep that kind of things between themselves, it’s alright with me.

  4. Keri says:

    Yep, yep & yep.

    I think maybe 5 minutes before you posted this someone on FB posted about how he just found out that his wife was having an affair with an inmate on the unit where she worked. Of course, both parties are well known in our small town and the gossip mill is surely churning at full speed by now. They are already getting a divorce but when I read that I immediately thought that he will never be able to take back what he just wrote about his children’s mom. He can delete all day long but things posted on the ‘net do not disappear. I didn’t have kids with my ex but I was more than cautious about what I posted online during my divorce…it was something between he and I, I didn’t feel appropriate airing dirty laundry to all 500+ of my “friends”.

    It seems that between FB and cell phones, the next generation will not have the communication skills that you or I do. I’m guilty as well….thanks to my job, I hate being on the phone, I’d rather text or email my family and close friends. Hell, I sent out a picture of my pregnancy test via text….talk about close knit communication skills! Well, I guess I did talk on the phone and tell a few people- yourself included. 🙂 Its just unfortunate that they will lack those skills that are desperately needed in the world. One must know how to communicate at some point to survive. Even the cashier at McDonald’s has to know how to talk to people.

    Ok lady, enough, I think I’m rambling at this point. I’ll go blog about the other stuff that is taking up space in my mind. xoxo ~bells

    • Steffanie says:

      Along with my grandbabies, Laci is going to grow up in a world that is so different that what you and I experienced. That’s the way life is meant to be, growing and changing constantly. It’s a shame that some of the good things in life will be lost. And the sad part is that they might not consider them to be good things. Their way will fit the world they grow in and the skills they learn will serve them well. I made a promise to myself to teach my g-babies the ways of the past and I know that Laci will get the same from you. After all, isn’t it our responsibility to teach the future about the past?

      xoxo to you also!


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