Right now…

Have you ever taken yourself out of the picture and thought about what is happening around you.  Things you can’t see or feel, but are so wonderous to someone unknown.  Blessings that make your petty insecurities and gripes insignificant.  Because right now…

A mother is holding her premature newborn twins for the first time.

A teenager is studying hard to get into a college so he will be the first in his family to go.

A young woman recently sentenced to a life in a wheelchair is picking out her wedding dress.

Two best friends are laughing so hard that they’re blowing Dr. Pepper out their nose.

A baby boy just took his first steps to his proud parents.

Someone that has been dieting for years steps on the scales and smiles.

Two lovers are standing on a beach, watching an amazing sunset.

A future president is taking a break from her job at a day care.

A little girl is hearing her mother’s voice for the first time after having cochlear implant surgery.

An unpublished author is writing his first New York Times best seller.

Two people you know are falling in love.

A firefighter is entering a burning building to rescue a complete stranger.

An alcoholic is celebrating 6 months of sobriety.

A young man is pulling over on the side of the road to change the flat tire for elderly couple.

A couple that almost filed for bankruptcy paid off their last credit card and are now debt free.

Someone that desperately needed a hug is getting one.

A sixth grader is standing up to an eighth grade bully.

Someone just gave a cashier enough money to pay for groceries for the person in line behind them.

A nurse in the ER is aware that she alone just saved the life of the toddler in her care.

A young man is opening the car door for the girl he’s been wanting to date for the last three years.

Someone was just told their cancer is in remission.

Two brothers separated at birth 18 years ago are meeting for the first time.

Someone is smiling at the memory of a special day with you.

A father just landed a job after being unemployed for 9 months.

Someone is saying a prayer for you.

A future Noble Peace prize winner is writing his first thesis.

You daughter just narrowly avoided being hit head on by a drunk driver.

A soldier is boarding a flight for the long trip home, the first in over a year.

A young couple is signing the papers to close on their first home.

A brother and sister are gathering up some of their toys to give to someone who has none.

A couple having marital problems resolve to make it work because they know they have faith in each other and remember the love they have.

An insecure artist lands her first showing in an important gallery.

A small business owner turned a profit for the first time.

Beautiful things are happening all around.  The world is not always a miserable place to be and we must remember to count our blessings.  Good things do happen and they will happen to you.  Don’t ever lose hope and don’t lose faith in the people around you.  A favorite quote (and I apologize in advance for the language) is “It’s not my job to blow sunshine up your ass”, you are responsible for your own sunshine.  Take the time to look around and see it.  It’s there.

Until next time, I’ll be counting my own blessings that I thought I lost.


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