I finally believe…


Fairy tale endings aren’t possible

I will smile again one day soon

Not everyone keeps their word

Honor can be lost

Soulmates don’t exist

My heart will eventually heal but my soul will not

I deserve more and better

There is someone out there that will love me until death do us part

I did everything humanly possible

It’s not my fault

This pain will not last forever

I will always love

Respect for myself will return

I will live with regrets

Prince Charming’s suit of amour has no room for a loving heart

I will learn to trust again

I didn’t fail

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5 Responses to I finally believe…

  1. Stella Moon says:

    No, you didn’t fail.
    The other failed you.
    Don’t forget that.

    Sometimes we find out our night and shining armor… is really a dumbass in tinfoil. (speaking from own experience here)

    (cyber hugs…big ones)



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