The firsts

Am I the only one that gets freaky over the firsts?  You know, an experience that is so overwhelming that you know it will be imprinted on your heart for the rest of your life.  When I was younger, the firsts were very special, but now that I’m older, more mature and a hellva lot more appreciative, the firsts have so much more meaning.

The birth of my firstborn son was amazing.  The depth of love I experienced was breathtaking.  I didn’t think anything could surpass that.  Then the birth of my daughter, which was just as profound.  The love just as deep.  Even though she was my second child, she was my firstborn daughter.  Another first.  Then came the grandchildren… wow…  the love I felt the first time I held my first grandchild, it literally exploded in my heart.  I’ve been fortunate to experience that more than once now.  And each one has felt like a first.

When I got my first car at 16, that was special, very special.  But… when I signed the papers on my dream car, my red Vette, I was on top of the world.  I bought and paid for it myself, all by myself.  Realizing a dream, a material dream at that, was a first.  Even though I don’t have it any longer, I can close my eyes and remember every single emotion I felt when I was driving that car.  I can physically feel the rush of flooring it and having it roar down the highway.  That was a first on many levels.

November 22, 2006 was a first I will never forget.  I experienced for the first time, an acknowledgement of the physical and emotional meaning to my life.  An experience so immense that my life has not been the same since.

I’ve been told by several men in my lifetime, that they love me.  But something different happened on February 12, 2008 at 7:13 a.m.  I know exactly where I was, what I was doing, what I was wearing, what he was wearing.  This was a first from the love of my life.  A first in a long line of firsts.

May 9, 2006… the day I met my best friend Cammy.  The first woman who I actually like and trust with my life.  That is a huge first.  We live a hundred miles away from each other but the bond is still and always will, be there. 

Those are some biggies.  There are other firsts that I celebrate that aren’t as big but I can get just as excited about them as the big ones.  

The first time I wore my diamond stud earrings.  I felt so elegant but sassy at the same time!  Especially when the checker at HEB dropped her jaw when she asked if they were real and I said yes.

The first time I realized that my son was so well-respected by his employees and that he was really a great manager.  I always knew that he was a great person but seeing this confirmed by people who worked for him was pretty wonderful.

The first time that I looked at my daughter and wished that I had been the mother that she is today.  Amazing.

Everyday I try to find a first.  I succeed on some days, some days I don’t.  But I can promise that I do get tap dancin’ excited each time!

So am I alone in this?  Do you still look for the firsts that life has to offer?  Let me know…

Hugs and kisses to each of you…



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