It’s a two way street…

A friend (thanks Cori!) posted this on Facebook this morning and it’s one of those messages that’s been passed around for some time.  (The author is unknown.)  I read it and had a little chuckle because it’s pretty funny.  But my next thought was “You know, that’s really true but…”.  Fair is fair, so I’m here to give you my thoughts on the differences between a girl and a woman.  But first to set the stage, here’s the boy/man post.  Together

A BOY keeps a password on his cellphone while a MAN is confident enough to say “Baby, can you answer that for me?”.  A BOY runs the streets and hangs out in the clubs while a MAN is enjoying time with his woman, planning ahead for their future.  A BOY complains about spending too much time with his woman, a MAN plans vacations and getaways because he is wise enough to know tomorrow isn’t promised.  A BOY has pride after an argument, a MAN has heart and emotions.  A BOY beats on his woman, a MAN massages and caresses his woman.  A BOY screams “Gold-digger” for the simple things a woman wants, a MAN acknowledges his woman’s hard work.  A BOY tells his woman she is pretty and a MAN tells his woman that she’s beautiful inside and out.  A BOY will read this and think this is not about him and a MAN will read this and thoroughly acknowledge what he needs to fix in his relationship and improve.

There are a few more differences that I’ve observed over the years but we’ll leave that for another post and work with this.  I know…  I can hear the wheels turning in your heads ladies!  But as I said, fair is fair so lets explore the girl/woman thing for a minute.

A GIRL sees her man looking at another woman and goes off on him, a WOMAN just smiles, knowing that her man will be going home with her.  A GIRL keeps a tight leash on her man when he wants to do something on his own, a WOMAN encourages her man to enjoy his time with the boys because she knows he will be happier for it.  A GIRL demands expensive trinkets while a WOMAN appreciates a handwritten poem more than anything.  A GIRL wants her “girl’s night out” once a week, a WOMAN knows it’s much more fun being with her man.  A GIRL insists on having all the attention, all of the time, from her man, a WOMAN knows that a relationship is a true 50 – 50 partnership.  A GIRL will call up all of her BFF’s to broadcast the latest argument with her man, a WOMAN will think it through and know that the two of them will find resolution on their own.  A GIRL will carry her man’s “things” in her purse while a WOMAN’S purse doesn’t have room for such personal “things”.  A GIRL screams at her man to help around the house then screams some more because it isn’t done the way she wants it done, a WOMAN calmly asks for help and appreciates it even if he folds the towels differently.

You get the picture.  This is a perfect example of why I wouldn’t ever want to turn the clock back.  I’m happy with the lessons I’ve learned over the years in regards to relationships.  I like knowing that I have the wisdom now to not sweat the little things.  I like having enough confidence in myself that I don’t worry over the small petty stuff.  I’m comfortable having different opinions and interests than my partner.  I like knowing that I’m a woman and not a girl anymore.

I sometimes have to bite my tongue to keeps from voicing my opinion when I see how married people treat their spouses.  A huge pet peeve is to hear a spouse complain about the “old ball and chain” or that “rotten SOB”.  Don’t they realize how stupid that is on so many different levels.  If you have the need to complain to all that will listen, don’t you realize that you look like the fool because it was your choice, your decision on committing to this person.  You’re admitting that you didn’t know what you were doing in the first place and you’re too dense to see that.  If it’s gotten to the point that you “tell all”, do your partner a favor and talk to them.  Vent your frustrations to the person that can actually help you do something about it.

So… before I step off my soapbox, let me leave you with some simple advice I keep repeating.  Treat your loved one with respect, compassion, loyalty,  kindness, trust, consideration and thoughtfulness.  Do this and the odds are in your favor that it’s what you will get in return.  Are you the boy/girl or have you gained the wisdom to be the MAN/WOMAN?

Yeah… I’m a WOMAN


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4 Responses to It’s a two way street…

  1. Stella Moon says:

    WOW! Talk about putting things in perspective! I might be taking that piece on Men/Boys to keep as a reminder to myself on who…or what I am actually dealing with!

    Hit the nail on the head!

    • Steffanie says:

      Go right ahead! I’m going to add to it I think. I’ve been shown in the last couple of days more differences between a boy and a man. How can a WOMAN be so dumb and blind?!?!

  2. Noel says:

    Very inspiring! It really made me think about how I treat my wife. Hmmmm….

  3. You speak from a place of experience, and that is inspirational to me. Thank you for writing this, for reposting what your friend put, and for speaking the truth. If there were more MEN and WOMEN in the world, perhaps we would be having all of the problems we do. Thanks so much for your thoughts, they are appreciated 🙂

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