You’re In My Heart

First song of the day…  Rod StewartYou’re In My Heart.  Released in 1977 on the album Foot Loose and Fancy Free.  As with many of Rod’s songs, I can hear it on the radio and can sing every word along with him.  I was living in Houston when this song was released.  It grabbed my heart immediately, made me wonder if any man would ever love me like that.  Would a man ever say these things to me?  I knew that type of love had to exist, after all, Rod was singing about it.


It wasn’t until years later that when I really, really listened to the lyrics, that I realized it wasn’t the quite the ultimate love song I thought it was.   Let me break down a few lines…

The big bosomed lady with the Dutch accent

Who tried to change my point of view

Her ab lib lines where well rehearsed

But my heart cried out for you

Those lines are about being unfaithful or at least, a woman wanting him to.  It couldn’t get more obvious than that.

And there have been many affairs

Many times I’ve thought to leave

But I bite my lip and turn around

‘cause you’re the warmest thing I’ve ever found

So he’s confessing multiple affairs and thought about leaving. But… it appears that he stays.  This isn’t the fairy tale love song I thought it was for many years but it’s a human love story.  It’s real and mimics everyday life.  Man meets and falls in love with a woman.  He’s not scared to tell her that he loves her.  He even cherishes her and isn’t afraid to admit it to her and the world.  He’s also a man that isn’t faithful, has his indiscretions and for that reason, wonders what his love sees in him.

We aren’t perfect… every love story has its ups and downs.  We are all guilty of making some sort of mistakes.  The key to the survival is commitment, communication, acceptance and forgiveness.  It can be a long road to trust but it’s how we weather the storms that determines the outcome.

I want/need a man to love me like this (without the adultery of course).  Is it possible?  Do I need to pull my head out of the clouds and admit to myself that there really isn’t a true love story anymore?  Possibly.  But I never want to lose that hope, the dream of true love.   The fairy tale could exist.  I know… I’ve seen glimmers of it before.

Much love to you…


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