When I Need You

Every night before falling asleep, I hit my Sleepytime playlist on my iPod.  This list has two hours of soft, soothing love songs that carry me off to dream land.  So this morning, the first song on my shuffle, one of my Sleepytime songs plays… When I Need You, covered by Celine Dion.  This song was written by Albert Hammond and Carol Bayer Sager in 1976.  Many artists have recorded it, Leo Sayer, Rod Stewart, Luther Vandross, Perry Como.  But when Celine sings it, you sit up and take notice.  Celine released her version in Brazil in 1998 but without a video and heavy-duty promotion from her record company, it didn’t have the commercial success her other music did.  It’s a shame since personally I think it’s one of her best.



Raise your hand, if you are one of the few that doesn’t love a sentimental, mushy love song.  If the truth is known, I bet you’re in the minority.  This one speaks of being separated from her love and the longing she feels to be near him.  If you’ve ever been separated from the one you love, then you know the pain, the longing and the discontent.  You desperately miss the warmth, the security.  You need their touch, their strength.  The smile of your lover that touches your soul.  You close your eyes and imagine them by your side and for a moment, just a quick, fleeting moment, you feel that warmth.  And it’s enough to carry you through another day.

Do you have a song that touches your heart like this and gives you the strength to go on?  One that fills you with bittersweet longing that takes over your entire being.  Are you missing the presence of your love so much that it feels like a physical pain?  Are you separated by time and distance but know that one day, one day you will be together?  What do you do to survive the dark, endless hours without them?

Music has a wonderful way of helping us through the hard times.  It can say what you are unable to say and it can help heal the heartache.  Music also can help us celebrate the wonderful times.  While this song is filled with sad longing, I find it also filled with hope.  It gives my heart joy to know that the heartache won’t last a lifetime.

So with a serene smile on my face, I just close my eyes and you’re right here by my side.


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2 Responses to When I Need You

  1. Stella Moon says:

    All of the above happens to me. I hate living this pain…but as time goes on…I remember.

    I remember the truths about him…the pain he has caused. And how he minimized me not only as a woman…but as human being…

    And then it changes the tune in my head.

    • Steffanie says:

      I completely understand, it’s the exact same way here. This evening has been extremely hard to survive. I was so glad to get your text and can’t wait to talk to you this weekend. Much love to you…

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