Never Gonna Leave This Bed

Ohmagosh… Adam Levine first thing in the morning!  Snuggled down in my warm comfy bed, eyes closed against the sun streaming in the window and hearing his voice.  What a way to start the day, a warm puddle of mush.  If only I were many years younger, the man wouldn’t have a chance.  Ok, back to business here… Maroon 5.  Love their music, makes me wanna get up and dance.  Seriously, the sassy lyrics that Adam can throw out there combined with a bad boy attitude, what’s not to love?.  He can sing a ballad that can make my knees weak.  The first time I heard “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” (released on September 21, 2010, on the album Hands All Over) was when the video was played on Palladium.  I’m such a sucker for a love song.  Happy or sad, does it really matter?  Especially when Adam sings it?

Seriously ladies… has a pair of jeans ever looked that good?  Ok, sorry… back to business.  To me, the lyrics of this song tells a story of commitment.  The woman doesn’t think the relationship is working out, man says no, it’s not perfect but I’m staying and we are going to fix it.  She’s pushed him beyond his limits, he’s made mistakes but vows he’s not going to again.  He’s left before but isn’t going to again.  It’s apparent to me that he probably loves her more than they both realize and his determination to work it out is so obvious.  I think the line, “Never gonna leave this bed” isn’t so much about sex as it is the symbolism of their entire relationship.  A couple’s bed is the one place where you are the most intimate, vulnerable and honest.  You share your true feelings there, the whispers of love, the hopes and fears, it’s the one place you are truly safe.  By him saying he’s never gonna leave this bed tells me that he’s committed to the relationship.  Then you add the sexual relationship back into it and that tells the complete story.  If you have the verbal and physical communication, and it’s honest and real, anything is possible.

What can be more honest, open and loving than this?

Wake you up in the middle of the night to say
I will never walk away again
I’m never gonna leave this bed
You say go, it isn’t worth it
And I say no, it isn’t perfect
So I stay and still
I’m never gonna leave this bed

I dream of this kind of commitment.  I dream of a man telling me this.  Of knowing that yeah, it’s hard but I’m sticking.  And I guess it doesn’t hurt to have him look like this…


But you know, upon reflection, I really prefer a different type, almost a complete opposite.  If I could combine my ideal physical type with Adam’s artistic and emotional sensitivities, that could possibly be the near perfect man.

So, I leave you on this beautiful Friday morning with the hopes of you finding and having that man or woman who will never leave your bed.


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