Little Red Corvette

There are just a couple of Prince’s songs that I really care for and Little Red Corvette is one of them.  So when I heard this song this morning, it took me down a fast and furious trip to memory lane.  When I went to locate a good video of the song, couldn’t find one.  It appears that Prince is very picky about his work appearing on the internet and has filed various lawsuits to prevent it.  So instead of posting what I consider to be an inferior version of the song, I’m posting Golden Earring’s Radar Love which is the first song that I heard in my little red Corvette.  I just left the dealership in Waxahachie where I picked it up from my son.  I hit the highway and turned up the radio and this is what I heard.

Perfect song for driving fast.  And I did.  Floored that baby and took off like a rocket.  I can close my eyes and still feel the rush.  I had driven the Vette before but it was the first time that I really let go.  The trip from Waxahachie to Mexia was awesome.  Late afternoon into dusk, Labor Day weekend, beautiful weather, top off and wind in my hair, music loud and all by myself.  Blissful.  And since is was Labor Day, I considered the purchase as a present to myself for working my butt off all those years.  It was all mine… and the bank’s.  I didn’t even call my husband to let him know I was doing it.  I just did it.  What a gratifying feeling it was to buy my dream car.


For me, a C5 is the best design that Chevy ever had for a Vette.  Long and curvy, the sexiest thing around.  Economical too, if I kept my foot out of it I could get about 28 mpg.  Buying tires was fairly expensive but well worth it.  Heck, I would have paid double just for the privilege of driving it.  Many a weekend when I was left on my own, I would get up early in the morning just before dawn and take off for the day.  No destination in mind, just the drive.  And I drove this baby every day.  No parking it and driving just on the weekend for me.  I had a Tahoe at the time and believe me when I say that after buying this little jewel, I parked that Tahoe and never climbed back in it.

I was in Wal-Mart one day and turned the corner and there set a mini one.  Even though Micah, my first grandchild, was only about 18 months old at the time, I bought it for him on the spot.  I was afraid that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to find another one.  And he HAD to have one just like Nanny’s!

IMG_2499 Babies 011

After Crys moved to Lubbock, I would jump in the car and make that seven hour drive as often as I could.  Not only to see her and Micah but for the sheer joy of driving for seven hours.  In fact I got my only speeding ticket on a trip to Lubbock.  And I don’t really think it was deserved on my part.  The speed limit dropped from 70 to 55 in a matter of yards and a 18 wheeler was so close to me that I was worried that he was going to run over me.  I know that over the course of the six years that I had that car, I was pulled over a dozen times.  Mostly on the way to Lubbock.  There is a DPS trooper that works the area between Snyder and Post that got me just about every time for covering up the front license plate.  I was even pulled over just so an officer could look under the hood.  I was really lucky for only getting that one ticket when I probably should have gotten a lot more.  That car was made for driving fast and I did.  I was even pulled over by a Woodway cop (if you know Woodway cops you know it’s a miracle I didn’t get one that day) for exiting the highway at 75 mph onto the service road where it dropped down to 45 mph.  Oops…  And he let me go, without even a warning.  Still shaking my head in wonder over that one.

Talk about superb handling, didn’t matter if it was raining or snowing, that car was solid.  On one trip to Plainview after Crys moved there, the day I was leaving to come back home, we woke up to snow and ice.  I didn’t have a single problem driving in it.  That car drove like the streets were dry.  And believe me, they weren’t!

6014_1122584062908_1176284133_30385638_2502968_n[1] - Copy

I traded the Vette in a couple of years ago.  Big, big heartbreak but worth it.  My family was growing and I needed the room.   And for me, as much as I love that car, family is definitely more important.  And there was no way I could get all these rug rats in it!  And we’ve added three more to the pack since this photo.

May 05 032

So, I’ve promised myself that yes, I will have another one.  Just can’t decide on the color.  Red?  Silver?  No… how about black.

Until then, I’ll just close my eyes and remember that rush!


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