Thursday’s Thoughts (the food list)

I love to cook but haven’t been doing much of it lately.  Seems like it’s too much of an    effort to just cook for myself.  And how stupid is that?!?  Now is the time to really get in there and cook up a storm.  Try all kinds of new things and if they don’t turn out to my liking, well… I’m the only one that will know it.  I started writing a cookbook as  a Christmas gift for my family about ten years ago.  It’s filled with old family recipes that will make you think you’re in heaven when you take that first bite.  Guess I need to finish it soon while I have the time.

It seems like when I follow a recipe, it never looks or taste like it should.  But when I play   with it, throw a little of this and that together, turns out pretty damn good.  I think I get this from my mom, she’s the best cook I know.  Her Irish Stew is to die for and her baking…  ohmagosh, she should have been a professional baker.  I have NEVER had any of her cooking that wasn’t perfection on a plate.  We both can sit and read a cookbook like it’s the latest best seller.  Weird huh?  I’ve been thinking about some dishes that I really want to try.  Not easy things but stuff that’s really complicated or things that I’ve never made.  So for Thursday’s Thoughts, I’m making a list of food that I’ve never cooked but am going to  within a year.  As I knock one off the list, I’ll update this post and repost it.  Here goes…

  1. Chicken Champagne – a Portland favorite at a restaurant named Wild Abandon that was down the street from our condo.
  2. Creme Brule
  3. Chicken Roulade with a Three Cheese Blend, topped with a pancetta cream sauce and served over risotto – a 135 Prime favorite
  4. Creme aux Framboises – a French raspberry custard cream
  5. Minestrone Invernale – a winter minestrone
  6. Butternut Squash Bisque
  7. Provolone & Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken Breast
  8. Cream of Wild Rice Soup
  9. Gazpacho – a cold soup
  10. Ravioli in Basil-Cream Sauce
  11. Orange-Pecan Biscotti
  12. Lemon Drop Martini – the perfect one

Actually these are easy dishes to make, I’ve just not taken the time to do it.  I’m pretty much of a “comfort food with a twist” kind of cook and these look to be right up my alley.  I like it when I have time to get really involved in cooking.  Its gotten to be a production with me.  I start with turning the music on, pouring a glass of wine and start the prep work.  It’s even better when someone is there that I can talk and laugh with.  A friend recently pointed out that I don’t have a microwave.  Every home that I’ve had has always had one built it so I don’t have a portable one.  When I moved into this home, there wasn’t one and apparently I haven’t missed it enough to go buy one.

I’m going to leave you now, I’m in the mood to go read a cookbook.  See if I can’t find a recipe that I can change up.

Any volunteers to help clean up??  I promise that you’ll eat good before!

Much love,


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