Friday’s Fantasies

Oops… I’ve gotten behind here.  It’s now Sunday night and I’m just now thinking about Friday’s Fantasies.  I originally had designated Friday’s to Freak Outs but once I really thought about it, freak outs aren’t any fun.  And I love some fun!  And since this blog is rated G, don’t let the “fantasies” part fool ya.

Games… to be more specific, computer games.  A few years ago we got a PS3 and the Lego Star Wars game.  Love the game!  I even got Micah (my 7-year-old grandson) playing it.  I had racked up hours of playtime, fought many battles and achieved True Jedi status.  I do have to come clean though, there were many times that I had to holler for Phil to come get me out of a jam.  I would get myself into a situation and not know how to get out of it and he saved my butt many times!  Micah and I had only one character left to buy when disaster hit.  The game accidentally was overwritten.  Everything gone.  We kinda lost heart after that and didn’t play for a while.  And we still don’t that much.

My stepdaughter Lauren turned me on to The Sims.  Pretty cool game until I realized that my girl had a better “life” than I did.  The house I designed was out of this world, she was a rock star and drove a red sports car and had millions in the bank.  It got to be the only thing that I was doing was feeding the wench and taking her to the bathroom.  Forget that!  While I had fun playing it, there didn’t seem to be much point in it so I moved on.

A friend of Phil’s told him about a new online game and I encouraged him to get involved    with it.  Sounded like a great way to relax.  Little did I know that I would soon be addicted to it myself.  Minecraft. (see here for a complete description of the game).  You are in a world where you build shelter with blocks to protect yourself from the weather, Creepers,    Skeletons, Zombies and Endermen.  You have to grow or kill your food, mine various ores to make tools, weapons and armour.  You’re in constant danger from all the “baddies” and have to be extra careful not to fall in a pool of lava.  It’s a game of primitive survival.  There are several modes to play in, creative, survival and hardcore.  I prefer the survival peaceful mode that allows me to go about my business without worrying about the bad guys trying to kill me.  I’ve had a great time building my village, which now has grown to an entire town with a rail system, museums, a castle, a Bed and Breakfast, a library, ice skating rink, a huge green house and tons of other cool stuff.  The downside of the game… it’s a time warp.  Before you know it, several hours have passed in what seems like minutes.  Here’s a few examples of my endeavors below.

If you like gaming, I highly suggest checking this one out.  We haven’t played a quarter of it and it’s amazing.  There are plenty of reference materials and YouTube videos that can guide you through it.  One evening we found a video that gave the coordinates to the end of the game and Phil fought the meanest dragon around and won.  Fantastic ending to the game!

So I’m going to leave you now and go digging… see if I can’t find some gold or diamonds.


Minecraft Steff's World 1.0

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