Dance Naked

I bet that got your attention!  It was the first song up this morning on my iPod, Dance Naked by John Mellencamp.  The album, also titled Dance Naked ,was released in 1994.   This song was not one of the most commercially successful ones on the album but was a favorite of mine.  Yeah, back in the day it did raise a few eyebrows, mine included, but as I got older (and smarter) it took on a new meaning for me.  Have a listen…

Taken in the literal sense, yes, this song is about a guy asking a girl to dance naked for him.  And it appears that he doesn’t even really know her that well.  But, taken metaphorically, like I do, it’s all about confidence.  I’ve achieved many levels of confidence in my lifetime and for the most part, I’ve always been a confident person.  Any doubts that I’ve had about myself have been more physical than mental.  Like when I’m not happy with my hair, my confidence isn’t as high as normal.  Sounds pretty lame but there it is.  I’ve been fortunate to have only a few times when my confidence took a hard knock.  And fortunately, I’ve bounced back pretty quickly.

Like most people, my confidence ebbs and flows like an ocean wave.  At some moments in my life, it’s been not so strong and at other times, strong enough to “dance naked”.  I believe in myself, I know what I’m capable of, what my strengths and weaknesses are.  And that is what confidence is all about.  Knowing yourself well and also liking yourself.  Sure, like most people, there were things about myself that I didn’t like but I had the power to change and I did.  That power is within all of us, it just takes determination to make the change.  If you have a problem with low self-esteem, it’s still possible to turn that around.  Take tiny steps, one at a time to move past it.  Every single person on this earth has a minimum of a dozen awesome characteristics.  Find yours.  Search your heart and I know you can find them.

I’m proud to say that I can “dance naked”.  The confidence I have in myself enables me to show my true self to the world.  Would I physically do it?  No freaking way!  And I promise that you most likely wouldn’t want to see this either.  By no way am I considered to be beautiful by today’s standards.  I’m short, voluptuous, older and I don’t dance pretty.  But you know what, it doesn’t matter.  I know that I’m beautiful to many people and I know that I’m a beautiful person on the inside.  Beautiful and confident enough to “dance naked”.



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One Response to Dance Naked

  1. Chris Schafer says:

    You’re right, Steffanie, beauty comes from the inside and sometime a few of us have it all the way through! I gotta listen to the album, I think I missed it.


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