3 AM

How fitting that I hear this song first thing this morning.  3 AM, Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas.  This is my wakening hour… every morning.  The darkest hour of the day, when loneliness and fear creep into my head and take up far too much room.  Fortunately I’m able to drift back to sleep and “re-boot”, waking with a renewed faith.  Have a listen…

Rob Thomas, does he need any explanation?  One of the greatest poets of my time, in my opinion.  Even his Tweets are at times magical.  He’s funny, humble, proud, sensitive and thoughtful.  I could go on and on about Rob and MB20 but let’s get back to this wonderful song.

I can identify with this song in several ways.  As I said, 3 AM is my wakening hour.  It’s crazy how I automatically wake up then, more times than not.  I would imagine that stress has a lot to do with it and that my body has gotten used to waking up at this time.  At least I’m not the only one that does this.  I’ve talked to several friends and though the times are different, they too are wakened with stressful thoughts.  Besides the obvious (removing the stress and loneliness from my life), I have found several ways to deal with this and with the problem I have at time of just falling to sleep when I go to bed.

A cup of warm milk or a hot cup of Sleepytime tea will do the trick.  Combine this with a warm shower (not hot) will do the trick.  I’ve even drank the tea in the shower before but I’m weird that way.

Sometimes I will pop 10 mg of Melatonin (thanks Carol E!).  All natural, no sleeping pill hangover and works most of the time.  I took it last night about 9:00 and within 20 minutes I was ready to turn the lights off.  I did wake 3:00 but all I remember was looking at the clock and thinking, “oh yeah, it’s 3” and that was it.

I keep my laptop near so if I’m unable to go back to sleep, I’ll open that baby up and surf.  I’ll either write, StumbleUpon or hit Pinterest.  A few minutes of that and I’m usually able to drift off.

I also keep a stack of books on the bedside table.  Reading a chapter or two will do the trick also.  It’s TMI but sex always works too!  Mediatation and prayer works wonders also.

Getting up is also an option (read this).  Watching TV, cleaning out a drawer or some chore that I’ve been putting off will send me back to sleep quickly.

What’s your favorite way of dealing with insomnia or the dark hours of the night?  Please let me know so I can add them to my bag of tricks.

Headed off to take a nap now…

Sweet dreams!


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