Wonderful Tonight

To awaken to Eric Clapton‘s Wonderful Tonight is indeed, a wonderful thing.  I’m a romantic, have always been and always will be.  I think it’s every woman’s hope and dream to have someone in her life that gives her the romance that she needs.  When I heard this song for the first time, listened to the lyrics, it brought tears to my eyes.   Could it get any better than this?

This goes back to the fairy tale.  We dream of the prince that will give us the undying love and devotion that we desire.  Is it insecurity that drives this need?  Or just the affirmation that our love demands?  Is it a need to feel special and to know, really know that our love is real?  We all know that love and a relationship takes time and effort to be successful, but these little moments of romance… they’re necessary.  So be thoughtful, be romantic, and what you get in return could possibly surpass your wildest dreams.

Dreaming of wonderful tonight’s to come…



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2 Responses to Wonderful Tonight

  1. Anonymous says:

    Eric~ he the man! Really one of my fave….Great choice!!

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