Moving along…

Had a bit of a rough morning but after a trip into the Matrix, a tin of homemade Divinity, and a good long hot shower, I’m back and moving along.  Cleaning out a closet and two drawers helped too!

I spent some time this afternoon playing with StumbleUpon and Pinterest.  I have to tell ya, I learned some stuff today.  I think the most amusing was Sexting 101.  Yeah… I’m serious.  Actually it wasn’t a bad article since it made me laugh out loud.  I now know “How to send a titillating text without getting caught with your digits showing.”  I “stumbled” onto this article on iVillage.  I like this site as it always has a lot of informative info that I can use, I just didn’t realize that I could learn the “ins and outs” of sexting there.  I’m still chuckling and shaking my head at that one!

Then I hit the porn…  Oh. My. God.  How is it I never hit this site before???  Unbelievable!  It really is food porn.  There is the most mouth watering photo of food you can imagine, click the link and BAM… there’s the recipe.  I have a few favorite food sites that I always go to, Foodgawker, The Paupered Chef, and Epicurious but I have to tell you though, nothing satisfies the craving like food porn.  Check it out soon if you haven’t already.

Since I’m kinda house bound right now, I’ve gotten addicted to Pinterest.  Combining StumbleUpon and Pinterest is a match made in heaven.  Pinterest is a virtual corkboard where you “pin” all your favorite things.  Check it out and let me know if you want an invitation.

So now that I’m all relaxed and temporarily stress free… I’m gonna get back to “pinning” and looking at my kind of porn.  See if I can’t find something new to whip up in the kitchen!

Hope you all have a lovely evening…


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