Making party plans…

HA!  Party for one that is!  (Maybe for two if Cammy makes it in from Dallas.)  I’ve made a point not to go out on New Year‘s Eve for quite a long time now.  Too many amateur drunks out on the roads.  By this I mean people who go out, drink themselves blind because, Hey… It’s New Year’s Eve!!!  This is versus the ones that drink themselves blind all the time so they think they can handle their liquor just a little bit better.   And I don’t mean to sound judgemental at all, I’m guilty of doing it myself in the past.  It’s that smokey, loud and crowded places just don’t appeal to me any more.

Most years I’m in my big comfy bed by 10 or 11 but I’m changing it up this year.  I’m going to my food bucket list and gonna cook to my heart’s content.   I’m thinking of butternut squash bisque and a roasted chicken with vegetables.  That’s a good healthy choice.  Or should I go with my traditional comfort food of honey glazed ham, sweet potatoes , black-eyed peas, fried cabbage and cornbread?  Or an Irish stew and soda biscuits?  Or a baked spaghetti oozing with Mozzarella, Ricotta and a tomato basil sauce and sauteed chicken, served with my homemade garlic bread with fresh garlic and parsley, shallots, butter and parmesan cheese?  I could make it easy on myself and do a Brie and prosciutto Panini with caramelized onions.  Or blow off all that and go straight to a dessert like a vanilla cake layered with Dulce de Leche and topped with a vanilla butter cream icing topped with more Dulce de Leche and pecans.  It all sounds so good and it’s time that I got in the kitchen and had a cooking marathon.

So while most of the world is out partying their butts off, I’m going to be in the kitchen, glass of wine in hand, the table set with china and candles, my new playlist on the iPod and seducing my senses with the aroma and taste of something wonderful to eat.  Yeah… that’s my idea of a great party.  And a fabulous way to greet the new year, a celebration of me.

Peaceful times and much love to you…



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