Happy New Year

Looks like it’s time to say goodbye to 2011 and I couldn’t be happier than to do just that.  I’ve made the vow not to let anyone get in the way of my happiness.  There will be no more sadness, tears, disrespect or hurt feelings in my future.  

This sums it up…  (and a big thank you to Marc and Angel for heading me in this direction.)  It’s a new year and no matter how chaotic 2011 was for me, 2012 is a clean, fresh, wide open slate! I’m not my past habits. I’m not my past failures. I’m not how others have at one time treated me. I am not what others who claim to know me, wrongly perceive me to be.  I am only who I know I am right now in this moment.  I am a wonderful, caring, giving, loving, fabulous woman.  And I’m taking back what I put aside this past year. 

Love and happiness await me and I’m running straight for it with arms wide open!


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