How it ended up…

Finally made a decision on tonight’s dinner. And I’m impressed with myself on this one. This is a new favorite dish that I want to share with you. I went with the King Ranch Chicken Mac and Cheese, with a little twist of my own.

I grilled the chicken on the stove top on my handy dandy grill pan.


 Then it was on to the prep of the veggies and cheese.


 Next it was sautéing, boiling the pasta, and mixing everything together.  (I made a double batch of this and ended up adding a can of Cream of Mushroom soup in place of the second can of Cream of Chicken)


 The end result…


 Absolutely wonderful!  Had a garden salad, steamed broccoli and a cherry cobbler to go with it.  Comfort food at it’s best!  I had a great time in the kitchen like I knew I would.  Looks like 2012 is going to be my year after all!

All my love to you…


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