Things you probably didn’t know…

You know how I feel about love, relationships, music and several other things but did you know…

My childhood nickname was Bunny.  Yeah, I know…

I’m overly sensitive about my hair.  Has to be perfect or I’m in a funk for the day.

I could live on watermelon and cream cheese.  But not at the same time.

I love Formula 1 racing but detest NASCAR.

I have five tattoos.  And only lucky people get to see four of them.

I think the shape of my feet and ears are really pretty.

I have a crazy eye and look drunk in photos when I’m really not.  See above.

I have a girl crush on Angelina Jolie… and Pink… and Adele.

Unmatched bras and panties makes me uncomfortable.

Spreadsheets turn me on.

I can eat a banana in three bites.  I try to hide this talent so I won’t look like a pig.

I hate overhead lights with a passion.

Big dogs make me nervous.

Handwritten love letters make me cry and I’d rather have one than a new diamond ring.  Unless it’s two carets then it’s game on.   

I secretly want to be high maintenance.  Like a Queen Diva high maintenance.

I can’t wear costume jewelry because I get contact dermatitis and break out in a horrible rash.  So bring on the 24k gold.

Watching Glee is my guilty pleasure.  And if I’m by myself I’ll sing and dance along.

I can clean and filet a fish but can’t eat it.

I suck at telling jokes.

I have a nightmare every time I sleep in socks.  What’s up with that??

Seeing a man in blue jeans and a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up makes me weak in the knees.

I snore.

I’m a great housekeeper.

I want to throw up when I see the skin on cooked fish.


So does this make me weird?  Hope not… I like to think it makes me unique.  And special.  And fabulous.  And magnificent.  And wonderful.  And did I say that I really like myself?



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