What You Waiting For?

First song up this morning… Gwen Stefani’s What You Waiting For?  Absolutely one that will get me up and moving.  I’ve had a girl crush on Gwen all the way back to the first appearance of No Doubt with their hit, Don’t Speak.  Beauty, talent and intelligence is a killer combo and Gwen has it.  This song, What You Waiting For is from her first solo CD Love, Angel, Music, Baby.  This CD didn’t have a single song on it that I don’t love.  Treat yourself and have a listen to my favorite.


I read somewhere that Gwen had written this song out of frustration and fear of failure on the success of her first CD.  She was going at it alone, stepping out of her comfort zone.  I can understand the emotion.  You have something in front of you that means so much to you and the fear of messing it up almost paralyzes you.  You hit a brick wall and can’t move, can’t take a step back and can’t take one forward.  What you need is a bit of inspiration to knock a tiny hole in the wall.  Once that pinhole is there, you will be able to chip away at it until the hole is large enough to freely walk through it.

The trick, and really the hardest part, is finding that inspiration.  And it can be found if you are patient enough to wait it out.  For me, inspiration comes in several forms, probably the same for you too.  I can hear a lyric, read a paragraph, see a color, catch a whiff of perfume and there it is.  It’s a combination of my senses and emotions. 

Face it… I’m not a Pulitzer Prize winning writer.  But I love it, it gives me a sense of worth, a challenge to push myself and grow.  My spelling is pretty good but my grammar sucks.  I never give thought to sentence structure and proper English.  Even my punctuation would give my English teacher a case of the hives.  There are days when I can sit down in my office and I can’t type fast enough.  Then there are days when I have to get up and walk away because it’s just not there.  No inspiration.  That’s one reason that I write about “the first song of the day”.  I can take the lyrics and relate to how I feel about the subject.  I have found that my writing is not done to entertain you but to give voice to my internal conversations. 

Ok… maybe it is for you but really, mostly for me.

The point of all this is no matter what is stopping you from moving in the direction you want, once you are inspired, you’ll know what you need to do to get there.  Don’t try to push it just so you can arrive at the destination, just let it flow in it’s natural course.  The answers will come sooner or later and hopefully they will be the resolution you are looking for.

The chorus in this song that says it all for me… that gives me the inspiration to move forward…


I’m looking at my watch, and you bet I’m still a super hot female.  I don’t have a million dollar contract but I’ve got what it takes to get there.  And World… just wait and see my “hot track”!

I know what I’ve been waiting for… do you?

Much love and hopes to you that you find your inspiration,


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