Catching up…

Austin Texas Lake Front

It’s been several days since I’ve checked in here.  Big, big news!!!  I have a new job that is quickly proving to be probably the best job of my entire career.  The people, the culture, the philosophy, the work… just everything about it is great!  I’m so blessed!  Another great thing about it… it’s in Austin!  Austin is a city that I’ve always wanted to live in and finally, I got my wish!  So it seems that I’m doubly blessed.

There are so many wonderful things about my new employers but one thing that really stands out is the honesty.  You can see that in their faces when they speak and in their actions.  If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you know how much honesty means to me.  I have no respect or time to put up with people that are dishonest.  It’s my opinion that it’s a very pathetic person that hides behind a lie.  Quite disgusting.  Sorry for getting off the subject here…  The culture and philosophy of the company I’m working for is awesome, so different from what I’ve been used to.  The energy from the owners and staff is so absolutely positive.  It’s really the perfect place for me.  I ended up awake and up at 3:30 Friday morning and was feeling so exhausted.  I walked into the office at 7:00 and started feeling better, just from anticipation of what the day was going to be like.  My energy level stayed high until about 4 in the afternoon and then I started crashing.  It was just amazing to me that the atmosphere there could energize me that much.  That’s what happens when you’re surrounded by positive, happy and loving people.

Austin….  I can’t wait to call it my home!   It’s going to be a couple of months before I’m there permanently and I’m just dancing all over the place in excitement.  It’s a new beginning that has been coming on for a long time.  I’m letting go and running towards the best part of my life.  My BFF is moving here as well so as soon as that’s in place, and we decide what part of town we’re going to live in, watch out Austin, cause we are here!

 Got to go tap dance some more…



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8 Responses to Catching up…

  1. T. Daniel says:

    Austin is spectacular! This town has everything. If you need a tour or help finding that perfect place give me a call…
    Dan Elswick


  2. Congrats!!! You deserve this.


  3. wherethedaytakesme says:

    Congrats on the new job and the new city, Austin is a great place, I plan on moving there sometime this year as well. I love it. All the best.


  4. Keri Jenson says:

    Im so excited!


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