Is that even a real word??  Is now if it wasn’t before.  It’s the perfect description of my day.  Surprisingly, today was filled with awesomeness.  A bad storm kept me up last night, didn’t get more than three hours sleep.  That alone should have guaranteed a lousy day. 

The drive to the office was made in a heavy downpour, traffic was horrible.  Not exactly sure why but instead of stressing me out, it was wonderful.  I was in my nice cozy car, listening to some great music and just went with the flow.  And even made it in near record time to the office.

I’ve been getting to the office pretty early, usually an hour before starting time so I’ve been making the first pot of coffee.  Had a win today, somebody beat me to it and there was hot coffee waiting on me.

The people I work for and with add a ton of awesomeness to my day.  Going to give credit where credit is due.  They inspire, support and that gives you the desire to give the best you’ve got.  I got a lot of issues resolved this morning to my satisfaction.  I’ve got the organizational skills down and the results I got today proved it.  A win that I’m most likely the only one aware of.  The day was really productive and I left the office knowing that I did a great job today.

The drive home was made in record time also.  Walked into the house in time to sit down to a good meal that I didn’t have to cook.  I was served with a perfect vodka and cranberry that capped off the day in the most wonderful way.  And I didn’t even have to clean the kitchen afterwards.  Huge… huge … win…

I’m now kicked back on the sofa, laptop on lap, watching a good movie and reflecting on awesomeness.  There was really nothing especially great today, it was just the sum of the total that made the leap from good to awesomeness.  I think it’s mostly just an awareness of how great my life is at this exact moment.  I have so much to be thankful for, my immediate future is looking so wonderful.  Exactly how I envisioned it would be.  That alone is enough to make my day awesome.

I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Much love to each of you,



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One Response to Awesomeness…

  1. Pam Hollier says:

    Sounds like an awesome day. Glad you were pampered when you got home;

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