I like shiny things…

My BFF once told me that we had to have been a parakeet in a previous life because we like shiny things.  I think she’s right.  I love sparkly things.  Eyes, clothes, jewelry, shoes, lights, smiles.  You name it… if it has a shine to it, I’m in love.  Funny thing though, I seldom wear anything that does.  Even though I have a love for the sequins, I’m shy about wearing them.  I’m a true Gemini and really have another side of myself that I keep tucked away for the most part.  I call her Fifi Bennington. 

Fifi is rowdy, risque, smart and sexy.  And she’s the one that sparkles head to toe.  Here’s a few of our favorite things…

Fifi and I are going to close with the wish for you to find something sparkly in your life.


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7 Responses to I like shiny things…

  1. Carol Embry says:

    I thought it was only me with that sickness…I LOVE things that sparkle and shine!

  2. Jennifer Dorsey Rogers says:

    Find out where to get that nail polish. I love it!!!

  3. matchsoul says:

    only few people know how to put expression in to words! and i am sure you are one of them. you are using very simple thing and made it a story,
    i hope you are married otherwise i proposed you, ( tell me if you not)

    • Steffanie says:

      Thanks so much for the sweet words! And in response to your question, let me just say it’s very complicated. Married but not part of a couple anymore. We are “moving on”. 😦

      • matchsoul says:

        Awesome! So its mean i still have a chance?
        Anyway, your writing style is bold, simple and with high tag mark-up. its very difficult to come out from your vision without making any appreciation.
        for this time, cheers………..

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