The countdown has begun…

I’m breathless… the countdown to the 2012 Formula One season has begun.  It’s officially 35 days, 18 hours, 7 minutes and 39 seconds to the Australian GP.  My love of fast cars actually began with F1 racing.  And its kind of odd in a way that it’s the only racing that I do like.  NASCAR and Indy really doesn’t do it for me.  The F1 circuits with the twists and turns hold my interest like the dull ovals never could.  A race isn’t called because it starts raining.  The sophistication and elegance of the cars are unmatched.  Every single thing about F1 appeals to my “champagne” taste and love of speed.

My favorite circuits are Monaco and Singapore.  Both these are street circuits, meaning the race is actually ran on the streets and not a designated race track.  The Singapore race is ran at night which makes it even more beautiful.  The lights and bridges over the water add another level of excitement. 

And don’t even get me started on the drivers…  The adorable Sebastian Vettel, two-time World Champion at the tender age of 24.  Pretty amazing considering he ran his first F1 race in 2006.  Lewis Hamilton with his boyish good looks.  Mark Webber with the strong chiseled jaw.  Jenson Button with the shining eyes.  I drool over their good looks but the athletic abilities these men possess enables them to sustain the 4 to 5 G forces each turn of a race will produce.  Keep that up for 55 to 75 laps and still be able to climb out of the car and walk away takes a real strong man.

I’m fortunate to be living in Austin where the Circuit of The Americas is being built.  A world-class circuit just down the road.  The deposit on the Personal Seat License has been made.  This guarantees my seat for the next 15 years.  Going to a F1 race has always been number one on my bucket list and I can’t image not grabbing this golden ring.  A dream realized…

 I can’t wait to feel the energy, to smell the exhaust, to hear the scream of the 750 HP engines, to walk the length of Pit Road.



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