Valentine’s wish…

Tomorrow is the big day…  especially for a romantic like me.  To some, maybe more than I would ever imagine, think the day has lost its meaning.  That its nothing more than a commercialized opportunity to spend big bucks on flowers that will die in a few days, a rush to the discount store to buy the same card that hundreds of others will also purchase.  Sounds just delightful doesn’t it.

To those people I say, stop and look.  Look at the love in your life, think about what is real and what really matters.  Don’t you think that a handwritten note, saying all the things you should have been saying all along will bring tears to their eyes.  And have more meaning than two dozen red roses that have no smell.  Show your sincere appreciation for the gift of love before it’s too late.  Before you no longer have it.

Hear me when I say, stop and remember what brought you together in the first place.  Remember the early days when your love was new and how your heart would quicken just at the sound of their voice.  Remember how absolutely fortunate you are that this person has put their heart in your hands.  Don’t throw away what most people will never find just because you don’t think its worth the effort.

Take the opportunity tomorrow to give your heart again.  Renew the vow or committment you once gave so freely.  Show your love while you can.  Rekindle the urgency you used to feel.  Open your arms and heart to the most precious gift we could ever imagine.  That’s my wish for you, that you will appreciate the gift of love that has been given to you. 

And to the ones that have lost at love or just haven’t found it yet.   Don’t give up, don’t lose faith.  Look around and see the beauty in your life and know that sooner or later, love will find you.  To the ones that have lost at love and turned bitter and distrustful, guess you could always do this…

By the way… that’s not what I’ll be doing.  I’ll be dreaming of the wonder, the mystery, the excitement, the warmth, the security, the passion and the glory of true love.

All my love to you…



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