Crossing the line… again

I posted the following several months ago… and it appears that it warrants posting again.  Just as a reminder.  When are people going to learn?  Why must people persist in being so self-absorbed that they can’t see the hurt they’re inflicting on the people who love them?  Is it selfishness?  Or just a total disregard for other’s feelings?  They can say all the “right” words but its their actions that say the most.  Don’t for a minute think that the actions can’t be seen.  Here it is again…

Warning… irritated rant ahead…

I’ve been seeing some things lately that in my opinion, is definitely crossing the line into being very inappropriate. And I’m pretty ticked off. In public forums, married people are verbalizing things that they should be telling no one but their own spouse, partners are bashing each other, heavy-duty flirting is happening when it damn sure shouldn’t be. It’s happening everywhere in every type of media, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, texts, IM’s.

What are you thinking people?!?!?! Where is respect these days??? I’ve been watching for months now, a married person flirting with someone other than their spouse. Surely they can see what they’re doing? How can you do this in a public forum where everyone, including your children can see this? I’m embarrassed for your spouse. I have to wonder how it would feel if the shoe was on the other foot, if it was your spouse doing this instead of you. How would you like to see the photos, the little hearts, the kissy faces, that are being sent back and forth. The secret phone calls and texts in the middle of the night. If you feel the extreme need to do it, at least have the grace to do it anonymously. Or better yet, don’t do it at all until you break the ties completely to the innocent one.

And to the couples that continuously fight in public… no one wants to hear it. Your family is embarrassed by it, your children are stressed to the moon and back over it, your friends just shake their heads and quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of hearing about it. Pull your heads out of your nether regions and take a good hard look at what you are doing.

You have crossed the line and it’s about time someone called you on it. If you aren’t smart enough to take care of your own stuff, then you deserve what’s coming at you. Never, ever forget the Golden Rule.

I’m not perfect, not by a long shot but I know the difference between good and bad behavior… you most likely know by now that my husband and I are separated and it wasn’t what I wanted. I’m angry about it but have you seen me bash him here on my blog or on Facebook? Have I put our dirty laundry out there for public consumption? Nope, nada, ain’t gonna do it. And he is a big enough man not to do it either. It all boils down to respect. This man and I shared a life, a love, good times and bad times. What good would come of me venting my angry, hurt feelings for all to see? Call me old school if you like but I was raised with manners and respect for others.

I have gone on and on about thinking before you open your mouth to speak, to think before you act. Please take to heart this simple plea. It’s in your power not to hurt the one you say you love, now is the time to prove it. Just please, keep it between yourselves.

Stepping off my soapbox now…


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