Small stuff…

Woke up this morning and my first thought was of a dream I just had.  I remember bits of it but the main thing I remember was worrying.  I have no idea what I was worrying about but the feeling of tension and dread were there.  To wake up with the feeling of anxiety is not good and definitely not something I’m used to.  Once I realized what was going on and that it was just a dream, those feelings completely disappeared.  That got me to thinking about one of my favorite sayings.

Don’t sweat the small stuff…

We all worry, some more than others.  Some worry over big things like finances and health, others worry about simply everything.  To worry about everything is a waste of time.  The small things like the cap left off the toothpaste and leaving the toilet seat up are not worth the energy it takes to worry about it.  Worrying about something you think you can’t change is defeating since there is most likely a solution.  Don’t waste your energy on thinking “I can’t”, try changing your thoughts to “I can”.  And forget about sweating over the small stuff, it isn’t worth it.

Think about it…

Much love,


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