Change of thought

Ever have a task to do that you totally dreaded doing?  Had the strong urge to put it off until the very last moment?  I woke up this beautiful Saturday morning with the usual Saturday morning thought.  Ugh…  housecleaning, laundry, grocery shopping…  I work hard all week, giving my best and I deserve to have a day or two to relax and play.

Then it really hit me.  How and when did I become so selfish?  Have I lost the gratefulness I always prided myself on?  After my daily planning and solitude, I regained my focus.  And had a change of thought.  While I work hard to gain the comforts I have, how many would leap at the chance to do the same but are denied?  Its time that we step out of ourselves and look inwards to the heart of the matter.  We are blessed and we for the most part, take it for granted as our right.  You know what?  It doesn’t really work that way.  The homeless man on the corner is blessed the same as me, just for being one of God‘s children.  I am no different from him, no more blessed.  Just different circumstances put me where I am.

The first changes of thought in a line of many more to come…

Housecleaning…  I’m so thankful that I have a house to clean.  How many don’t ?  Its safe, a haven against the elements.  The warmth that embraces me when I walk in after a long day gives me the comfort that is denied to many.  So I will gladly and joyfully clean it until it sparkles and will be filled with an awareness of how blessed I am when I finish.

Dirty laundry…  I stand in the closet each morning, deciding what to wear for the day.  I have a choice.  How many in the world don’t?  How many children here in our own country don’t even have a decent pair of shoes or a warm coat?  I have running water and a washing machine to ease the chore.  How many don’t?  I’m grateful for having this chore.

Grocery shopping… I have the luxury of getting into my car, driving to the grocery store and walking the length of each aisle, placing items in my basket from overflowing shelves.  How many don’t?  My soul cries with the thought of the millions that starve each day.

The mundane chores that we do each day, doing them with no thought, and sometimes with resentment, are things we need to be grateful for.  We have the privilege of a good life and we take it for granted.  We moan and groan about doing things that so many would be thankful to do.   How selfish have we become?

I know that from this day forward, as silly as it may sound, I’m washing my dirty clothes with a song in my heart.  And with an awareness of how blessed I am.

Will you have a change of thought too?

Much love,




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