Leggo my LEGO

I’m firmly convinced that I’m either hitting my mid-life crisis in full stride or entering my second childhood.  Either way, I have found a new passion.  One I have to thank my imagesgrandson Micah for.

Micah loves putting LEGO kits together.  He started out with the Star Wars series and got hooked.  I gave him a Ninjago Epic Battle kit for his birthday, thinking that it might be a step or two above his abilities.  Boy… did he ever prove me wrong!   He had it put together in record time! Later that evening, he wanted to build another kit that he had and asked me to help him.  He didn’t need the help but really just wanted me to play with him.  That’s all it took… I’m so hooked on LEGO now that it’s crazy.

And I’m not alone!  My husband is pretty much in the same boat as I am.  I’m not kidding, this stuff is addicting!  There’s a LEGO store just a few minutes away and it’s not going to be long before we’re all on a first name basis!  (Shout out to Natalie!!) Here are a few of the kits that we’ve put together so far…

Christmas Village

Town Hall

Millenium Falcon


Yeah… its kind of geeky but I have to admit, it’s so fascinating!  The engineering that goes into the design is amazing.  So far we’ve only assembled the kits but we’re in the process of building our inventory so we can branch out into our own designs.

What do you do to satisfy your inner child?

Much love…




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