To my Valentine…

Our wedding rings

I love you…

Enough to miss you incredibly while we are apart, regardless of time and distance.

Enough to stand strong in the worst of times and never, ever lose faith in us.

Enough that being faithful is never in question and that you are the only man I want in my life.

Enough to never want to live without you.

Enough to keep some of my “eye rolling” to myself.

Enough not to be bothered by the amount of toys you have.

Enough to know that I will always “have your back”, even if I might not always agree with your opinion.

Enough to be confident that I can slob out in my yoga pants and t-shirt and you won’t be grossed out.

Enough to sacrifice my life for you.

Enough to trust you with my life.

Enough to let you have the remote to the TV, even if it’s the 7th time to watch the same movie within 25 days.

I love you this much… and for a thousand other reasons, now and forever.



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