Some of the best things

Taking a few minutes here to list some of the best things I know of.  Little bitty things that in the grand scheme of life, make it so much sweeter.  Small things that give you goose bumps or a rush of excitement.  It can make you shiver with anticipation or sigh with sentiment.  These are some of mine…

The first bite of a good Creme Brulee.     creme brulee

The smell of cut grass and rain at the same time.

When my husband looks at me and I see the love in his eyes.  He doesn’t have to say a word, I know.

Hearing a song on the radio that takes me back a million years.

The first wild flowers of spring.

An awesome pair of shoes on sale that fit perfectly.

When out of the blue, one of my grandbabies tell me they love me.

Hearing my son or daughter’s voice on the phone.

The first time I realized that my husband would be the last man to kiss me.

The sound of a fast car.

Seeing my home perfectly cleaned.

An unexpected picnic.

Sleeping all night.

Slipping into an old, soft tee-shirt.

Walking into the garden, picking a tomato off the vine and taking a huge bite out of it.

A fresh pedicure.

Unexpectedly running across a baby picture of my children.

Ice cold boiled shrimp.

Just stopping to think of “the bests” can brighten your day.  Give it a try and let me know what your “bests” are.

Much love,








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1 Response to Some of the best things

  1. Keri says:

    A snickerdoodle from Tiff’s Treats!
    The smile on Laci’s face when she turns around and sees me standing in her room at daycare in the afternoons.
    Random, heart warming texts from old friends.
    A house smells like Pine Sol when I didn’t lift a finger…


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