I was feeling pretty down this morning when I came across this video and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I saw an incredible act of selflessness this past weekend but was too upset to realize it at the time.

My mother recently had a health issue that ended up with her having to move into a nursing home.  I sat with her while she went through her possessions, making the decisions to keep this, throw that way and “do you remember this”.  I had to fight every second to keep from breaking down in tears.  She was being so brave.  And so selfless…  She made the decision herself to make this move.  And I truly believe she did just to keep me from having to make it myself.  If you ever had to deal with this kind of situation, then you know how hard it is.  One of the hardest I believe in my entire adult life.

It took this video to remind me that we all would be better off if we could act in a selfless way.  That giving without expectation of something in return is one of the greatest acts of mankind.  Its a shame that we live in an age that this doesn’t happen very often.  The young men that made the video remind us that gifts made from the heart are selfless acts of love.  The truth remains… we can make a change and the change will make a difference.  I witnessed it first hand this weekend and my heart, while breaking, knows what a selfless gift I received.

What selfless gift are you going to give?

Much love,


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2 Responses to Selflessness

  1. I am getting settled in. My email is perhaps we can meet up soon for coffee. I live on the north side. Wells branch. Perhaps we can meet somewhere in the middle. Just shoot me a email.

    Keep your head up and your Faith strong.


  2. Very true to heart. Very sorry to hear about your mother. I understand the nature of it. God is there with you.


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