Refresh; or, The Cure For The Shakes

A perfect “new year” message and one that I hope we all listen to. Thank you Hamilton, for reminding us to disconnect and come down to earth.

A Coffee-Break Collective

The Tipping Point
I was firing off some tutor reports on my iPad in peace: Things going well, things we’ll work on next semester, things worth late trips to Redbox for a victorious performance on a difficult test. Routine.

My phone “ding”ed next to me, because someone favorited a tweet, and my hand instinctively reached over, my thumb angled via muscle memory in just the right way to smoothly unlock the device, and within little more than seven-tenths of a second, I was suddenly INSIDE Twitter. I dragged my thumb downward and read irritating thoughts that meant nothing to me from people I respected and even liked. It developed into an annoyance. I reached the top of the page, as you, reader, are probably familiar with, and dragged one more dramatic sweep downward to refresh one last time. I didn’t want to have missed something that I honestly didn’t care…

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