Poems by Julianne

Julianne presented this book to me yesterday and I proudly admit that I cried like a baby.  This is the absolutely the best present I’ve ever received and I’m so proud of her and her creativity.  She’s the best!  And it appears that she thinks the same about me!

Poems by Juilianne_Page_01Poems by Juilianne_Page_02Poems by Juilianne_Page_03Poems by Juilianne_Page_04Poems by Juilianne_Page_05Poems by Juilianne_Page_06Poems by Juilianne_Page_07Poems by Juilianne_Page_08Poems by Juilianne_Page_09Poems by Juilianne_Page_10Poems by Juilianne_Page_11Poems by Juilianne_Page_12Poems by Juilianne_Page_13Poems by Juilianne_Page_14Poems by Juilianne_Page_15Poems by Juilianne_Page_16Poems by Juilianne_Page_17Poems by Juilianne_Page_18Poems by Juilianne_Page_19Poems by Juilianne_Page_20



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