Better than…

While pursing my favorite blogs this morning, I came across an interesting list… 24 Things That Feel Better Than Orgasms.  I really love this blog.   They put it right out there without hesitation.  A collection of writers that possess a kamikaze sense of boldness and humor with downright great writing skills!  Not like me, I censor every word I write with a vengeance.  What would my husband think, ohmygod… what would my kids… my MOTHER think??  And any future employer has to be considered as we all know it just takes .437 seconds to pull up 7400 Google entries on your name.  Can’t have anything risqué or controversial pop up and ruin my opportunity at getting the perfect job.  So I’m a coward… but I think for me, a huge dose of caution will always serve me well.  free_speech

So… here’s my list of 10 Things That Feel Better Than Stubbing Your Big Toe…

  1. The moment when that “God Almighty I’m Gonna Die” charlie-horse leaves your calf muscle.
  2. Your cake comes out of the oven without collapsing.
  3. When you realize in the middle of a crazy, can’t stop laughing fit, that you are a nano-second away from peeing your pants and you make it to the potty.
  4. Almost tripping and face planting yourself onto the concrete and immediately look to see if anyone saw you stumble.  And no one is in the vicinity.  Whew…
  5. Your favorite pen runs out of ink and you realize you have a spare.
  6. Cracking open six eggs perfectly without a single piece of shell in the bowl.
  7. Cleaning the bathroom just barely makes this list.
  8. Realizing that you don’t mind in the least changing your grand-baby’s “how can THAT come out of this sweet little baby?!?!?” diaper.
  9. Being half way to your destination on a road trip and realizing you left all your hanging clothes so you have to go buy all new stuff.
  10. Eating the last container of yogurt and it’s so good and then you see that it’s five days past the expiration date.  And you don’t get sick.

What makes you feel good?



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2 Responses to Better than…

  1. Bill says:

    I knew from the start ,there could not possibly. be 24 better….good read !


  2. Nice list! 🙂 How about finishing a blog entry that took you a few days to write? 🙂


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