Confession time

Standing here, with my head bowed, my hand held high, I have to confess.  John 8:32   reads “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  I didn’t realize it until tonight… I’m a hoarder… an electronic hoarder.  I had my suspicions before but its now confirmed.  I’m a pinaholic…

You see, I’m a Pinterest addict.  While I’m sure I can’t be the only one and I’m sure that there HAS to be someone with more pins than me, I’m dazed at the stats.

51 boards, 11,128 pins…   Like most addicts, I was completely unaware of stepping off the edge.  How did I fall into this time warp?


I have decorated 227 homes, could dress the entire population of a small country, cook 538 different meals, put 358 pairs of shoes and 95 handbags in my 75 closets.  I’ve lusted after 227 cars, can slap you upside the head with 539 e-cards while making 74 kinds of s’mores.  I can grow a garden 901 ways and fix my hair in 148 gorgeous ways.  And by the time you read this…  the list has probably grown by 64.

I started out with StumbleUpon, moved on to the Dwellinggawker, pinning my little heart away.  I lay in bed each night, iPad in hand, scouring the cyber-world for the next tantalizing photo.

Someone please, please tell me that I’m not alone.  Is there a support group for us over-pinners?  A Pin-hab at a local community center?  Or am I alone on this island of multiple boards?  Or should I just give in and invite you to join the other 419 women and men that follow me?  Kinda like, come over to the dark side, the land of electronic stick pins.  At least the one redeeming fact can save me.

Hands down…  I’ve got fabulous taste.



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2 Responses to Confession time

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  2. notquiteold says:

    I haven’t started Pinterest. I’m afraid it is an addiction just waiting to happen. Especially to us folks with fabulous taste.


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